The sexy underwear diagram of drying on the balcony

The sexy underwear diagram of drying on the balcony

Interest underwear is a secret for many women.It can not only enhance women’s self -confidence and sexy, but also add the fun of husband and wife life.However, most people do not know much about the maintenance and replacement of sexy underwear.Today, let’s take a look at how to correctly maintain and replace sexy underwear and dry the sexy underwear on the balcony.

1. Know when to replace sex underwear

Sex underwear is a kind of underwear that needs to be replaced frequently.Especially sexy underwear containing elastic fibers will relax or deform after a long period of use and cleaning.Therefore, when the erotic underwear is deformation or uncomfortable wearing, we need to change them.

2. How to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear should be treated like a baby.They need to be washed gently in cold water, and they cannot be soaked in the cleaning agent with hot water or soaking.In addition, don’t put the sexy underwear into the dryer and let them dry naturally.In addition, sexy underwear should be stored separately from other underwear to avoid cross -stacking or squeezing.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Although it is a convenient thing to dry the sexy underwear on the balcony, it should be noted that the sun is not allowed to shoot directly on the sexy underwear.Because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays will destroy elastic fibers.Therefore, it is best to choose a cool place to dry the sexy underwear.

4. Shoot it before drying

Sex underwear needs to be shot before drying, so that hair or other debris can be effectively eliminated.Excluding these dandruff can make the sexy underwear cleaner when drying.

5. Be careful with the drying rack

It is also an important step to choose the right drying rack.Use a small drying rack, do not twisted on the erotic underwear, which will destroy the quality of sexy underwear.It is best to use a flat drying rack to let the sexy underwear unfold naturally, and do not make them narrowly unable to breathe.

6. breathable balcony

Sex underwear needs a breathable balcony.If the balcony is closed, the humid or humid air will accelerate the breeding of bacteria and may cause the sexy underwear to deteriorate.So it is best to choose the breathable balcony to dry.

7. Dry indoor drying

If there is no sun or a balcony, you can dry the sexy underwear indoors.In order to avoid humidity and odor, you can choose a ventilated place to dry and ensure that the room is dry.

8. Detail control

When drying sexy underwear, you also need to follow basic details, such as cleaning the dust and dirt on the drying rack to avoid contact with the contact with the hooks and other sharp items.

9. Follow the special rules of sexy underwear

For different types of sexy underwear, they also need to follow their specific maintenance rules.For example, some erotic underwear cannot be used to use washing machines or bleaching agents.

10. Viewpoint

Proper maintenance and replacement of sexy underwear are what we should do, which can promote our health and comfort.When we drying sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the balcony environment, the use of the drying rack, the rules of drying the erotic underwear, and so on.As long as each of us can do this, we can use sexy underwear for a long time in daily life and use it as a baby we like.

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