The silk scarf can be used as a sexy lingerie

The silk scarf can be used as a sexy lingerie

There are many types of erotic underwear, and different styles have appropriate time and occasions.Silk scarf is a common item in our daily life, and can play different functions on different occasions.But have you ever thought that the silk scarf can also be used as a sexy underwear?This article will analyze the concepts, usage methods, precautions, etc. of silk towels for you to help you know more about this sexy equipment.

What is the erotic underwear of silk towels?

The so -called erotic underwear is to add sexy and exciting clothing while exposing the body.Silk towel sexy underwear is also a kind of sexy underwear.It uses silk scarf as the production material, and the application is completed by tie, which can make the body emit a mysterious charm.

Choose the right silk scarf

The primary problem of making silk scarfs is to choose the right silk scarf.If the silk scarf is too thin or too thick, it will affect the effect.Therefore, it is recommended to use a long towel with a width of more than 10 cm and a length of 150-170 cm.

Steps for usage

1. Put the silk scarf and fold the two corners along the center line.The folding silk scarf looks like a rectangular shape.

2. Fix the folding silk scarf behind the back, tied to the neck to ensure that one end of the scarf is on the chest and one end on the hips.

3. Turn one end of the scarf on the hips, and then lift the scarf up from the hips to cover the chest.

4. Pull the scarf back from the chest to the hips again and cross the hips to form a ring -shaped structure.Then fix the two sides of the silk scarf.

Simple and easy DIY

DIY is also a good choice if you don’t buy a suitable silk scarf or try to make sexy underwear yourself.Only a color scarf with a width of 20-30 cm and a length of 170-200 cm can be DIY.Just follow the correctly defined steps to make 3-4 knots at the end of the silk scarf, and a silk scarf’s sexy underwear is completed.


1. Choose the appropriate silk scarf material, do not choose strong functional silk scarfs such as hanging necks and waves.

2. Do a good job of tightness, do not be too tight or loose, and do not have improper binding, sliding, etc.

3. When washing, avoid the cotton line or other dry threads into the silk scarf, causing the silk scarf to be damaged.

4. The method of making this underwear is relatively complicated, and it is recommended to carry out with the help of experienced people.

5. Due to the special method of binding and more slim materials, you should be cautious when used, be careful not to disturb the important parts.

6. After each use, it must be fully cleaned to ensure hygiene.

Silk towel sexy underwear is a magical thing. It is not good before it is not worn, but it can be worn behind but instantly exudes a strong sexy atmosphere.Although the production and use process are more complicated, it is a very interesting attempt.Before using, please keep in mind your precautions to protect your physical health.If you have to retain the love between husband and wife, improve the sex life experience, or pursue a higher sexy experience, then the silk scarf sex underwear is your good choice.

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