The story of sex underwear photographer

Green Start

I am a sexy underwear photographer. My job is to take sexy, sexy, and even some seductive photos and videos, which makes people feel the beauty and attractiveness of the body.My life is full of beautiful women and exciting moments.However, everything starts with greenness.

Pursuing beauty

Before becoming a sexy underwear photographer, I was a photographer.This field is deeply obsessed with my interest in the interest of those who I think it’s easy to discover beauty.I think the purpose of photography ART is not only to record people’s activities in cameras, but also to allow them to appreciate the beauty of these memories.This is my pursuit of beauty.

Industry intervention

But soon I found that my beauty exploration was obviously involved in the market and business.The subject of my photography slowly turned to models and fashion, and began to get involved in the field of sexy underwear.This field is very attractive, because sexy underwear is not only a dress, but also a guidance for people to feel sex and physical feelings.


I began to understand that in the field of erotic underwear photography, the characters I need to play are different.I am no longer a photographer who records activities and scenes, but a director who must integrate the role and expression of the model and the use of the fun underwear itself into the photo.


This change is not easy at the beginning. It requires photographers from shooting scenes, lighting, color processing to the model’s role guidance, performance and movement, and even involve the choice of background flower cloth and props.


But I learned one thing: attitude is the most important.As a sexy underwear photographer, you must be enthusiastic about your work, respect the personality of each model, and feel the perfect and smooth instantaneousness of each shooting.Only in this way can each photo be visually more attractive and allows the audience to experience the novel, comfortable and sexy of the integration of sexy underwear.


Don’t forget that photographer’s technology must meet a certain standard in order to better apply for sexy underwear photography.Photographers must master the camera, aperture, exposure and other techniques to control the depth, contrast and saturation of the screen.In addition, later processing is also very important, to ensure the image effect and the image of the model.

Interesting and fresh

Interesting underwear photography is an industry that makes people give play to creativity and imagination.Let the model take some interesting or unexpected photos to bring a new feeling and freshness in the clothing of sex underwear, and will also have greater resonance among the audience.

Fun of work

In this field, the work of sex underwear photographers must be relaxed and happy.Each shooting is a new challenge. Each model and sexy underwear are novel, and each small detail may affect the results.


The duties of sex underwear photographers are not only the use of cameras or artificial light, but more importantly, care and love beauty.This is my story, a career that begins with greenness, but now is full of sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.If you want to become a professional in the field of sex underwear photography, you need enough skills and focus, and more enthusiasm and love for the exploration of beauty.

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