The world’s largest sexy underwear

The world’s largest sexy underwear


As a special clothing, sexy underwear can add fun and sexy.In recent years, with the liberation of people’s concepts, sexy underwear has become more and more popular.Among these sexy underwear, the world’s largest sexy underwear has caused a global sensation.So, how big is this sexy underwear?Let’s find out.


This sexy underwear was launched by a sexy underwear brand in the United States. The length of the entire underwear reached 22 meters and the weight was close to 500 kg.In order to put on this underwear to cooperate with at least 20 models height and uniform body shape, the whole process takes more than 2 hours.

design production

This underwear is made of exquisite handmade, and the silk -like soft fabric sews a gorgeous design in order.The main color of the underwear is black, with hundreds of thousands of crystal decorations on it, flashing with dazzling light.The whole underwear contains two upper and lower pieces, which are a tight -fitting corset and a supporting shorts.


For sexy underwear brands, the launch of this world’s largest sexy underwear is to create an interesting publicity.And this has also successfully attracted the attention and heated discussion of the world.At the same time, this has also promoted many people to review the field of sexy underwear and re -think about how to create a more innovative, sexy and fashionable design.


Although this underwear claims to be the world’s largest sexy underwear, it is not suitable for everyone in actual use.First of all, its size is too large, and many people need a lot of people to cooperate.Secondly, its shape is too gorgeous to match the combination of ordinary sex underwear.Therefore, this underwear is more suitable for some sexual parties and special occasions.


Price is a question that has to be considered. For such a world’s largest sexy underwear, its price is expensive.According to the news, the price of this underwear is as high as more than 200,000 US dollars, which is a sky -high price for most people.


Whether it is the size of the underwear or its price, it is impossible to imagine the value of this underwear.But it is these characteristics that has attracted global attention.Just a few days after the release, there were a large number of media reports and social media discussions. This underwear quickly became a representative of the global sexy boom.

market expectation

Although the price of this world’s largest sexy underwear is high, its launch has also made the sex underwear industry see a broader development prospect.In the future, we will see more and more sexy underwear brands, launch more innovative, sexy and fun sexy underwear design.

in conclusion

As the world’s largest sexy underwear, although it is difficult to use it, it has played a very positive role in the field of sexy underwear.Its launch also means that the sexy underwear industry will usher in a broader development prospect. We will see more innovative and sexy sexy underwear design.

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