There are several sexual lingerie brands logo

Interesting underwear has become one of the popular underwear categories. The sexy and aesthetic integration it presents has attracted the attention and love of women.The logo of each brand is also one of the important ways to display the brand image.Here are a sign of some sexy underwear brands.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous sexy underwear brands. Its symbol is a sexy angel. This sign represents the theme of the brand: the sexy and charm of women.This sign often appears in Victoria’s secrets.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s logo is composed of a simple try letter, which reflects the simple and fashionable brand of the brand.As a world -renowned brand, Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear series has also achieved many market success.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a bold and artistic brand. Its logo is a girl with two flower rings.At the same time as the exquisiteness, elegance and boldness of the brand’s pursuit, this sign also reveals a naughty meaning.

La Perla

La Perla is a traditional and aristocratic brand. Its logo is a simple "L" letter, representing the simplicity and elegance of the brand.La Perla’s sexy underwear shows more noble and stylish style.


Bluebella is a simple and vibrant brand. Its logo is composed of a simple blue letter, representing the easy and charming of the brand.The brand’s fun underwear shows more fashionable and fashionable styles.

Ann Summers

Ann Summers tends to show the sexy and style of women. Its logo is a sexy "S" letter, representing the sexy and charm of the brand’s pursuit.Its sexy underwear shows a more bold and avant -garde style.


The brand of Journelle pays more attention to the comfort and fit of sexy underwear. Its logo is a simple letters combination.Because the brand pursues the practicality of underwear, the style of sexy underwear is more elegant and natural.


The Fleur Du Mal’s logo is a combination of alphabet that emphasizes the luxury and charm of the brand. The continuous pursuit of innovative brands to make every erotic underwear exuding a unique style and sexy.This brand’s sexy underwear is more charm and innovation.

L’Agent by agent provocateur

L’Agent By Agent Provocateur is the deputy brand of Agent Provocateur. Its logo is two interweaving alphabet ‘A’ and ‘P’.Compared with the original Agent Provocateur, its deputy brands are more concerned about incorporating innovation and art in sexy underwear.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a sexy underwear brand in Australia. Its logo is a Roman letter similar to normal underwear brands, but adds some sexy elements.The sexy underwear designed by the brand is more noble and fashionable.

In general, each sexy underwear brand has its own unique logo design. This sign often represents the characteristics and style of the brand.When buying sexy underwear, brand factors are also a point that cannot be ignored.

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