Those machines for sex underwear

Those machines for sex underwear

1. Fabric processing machine

In order to do sex underwear, the fabric first needs to use the fabric processing machine.The fabric processing machine mainly includes knitted fabric machines and fabrics. The former can produce elasticity, flat seams, angel velvet and cover mesh fabrics, while the latter can produce appropriate textile fabrics.

2. Linking machine

The sewing machine is used to make a sexy underwear cup that depends on the size and mold of the underwear factory.These machines need to be adjusted to ensure that each cup experience meets the requirements of underwear designers.

3. Stretching machine

The stretch machine is used to maintain the tightness and stability of the underwear.The stretch machine can sew lines on the elastic band around the underwear, making the underwear more tight and comfortable when wearing.

4. Silk belt hanging machine

The silk ribbon hanging machine is used to stick color silk to the edge of the underwear.For underwear involving bonded bands, such as sexy underwear and bra.The more you can make the underwear softer when it is exposed to the skin.

5. Eye machine

Eye machine is used with bone buckle on the underwear.Eye machine can quickly pass through the acupuncture point on the underwear to facilitate the installation of the buckle.In addition, the eye -catching machine can also be operated on other ways of the invitation bag and bandage.


The lining machine is used to use the underwear band and straps on the lining band.These lined bands can be used to adjust the size and shape of the underwear, making the underwear more comfortable and appropriate, and can also enhance the wearing of underwear.

7. Printing machine

Printing machine prints pattern or text to underwear.Printing coatings can be used as an additional layer of underwear fabric, usually printed on the underwear area, such as the chest or back.These machines can also be used for the marks and brands of printed underwear, as well as customized personalized sexy underwear.


The coordinator is used to stick the fabric and filling together to ensure that the underwear has sufficient support and plasticity.Such a machine needs to pay attention to its temperature and humidity to ensure any adverse effects of machine parameters such as height and between gaps.

9. Bringing machine

The edge machine is used for handling of the underwear fabric and style (socks, sexy underwear) required for the edge of the edge.At the same time, the edge can be tightened in this process, and the overall comfort can be improved.

10. Cutting machine

The cutting machine can quickly and accurately cut the front and back production materials along the edge of the underwear or the edges of the lower.This is an indispensable machine to produce underwear, using it to avoid unnecessary waste.


The above are some machines that need to be used when making sexy underwear.However, only these machines are not enough to make high -quality sexy underwear.There are also a group of underwear production teams with rich experience and skills. They are an important part of the entire production process.

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