Three points are the way to wear sex underwear

Passing method 1: The size should be appropriate

For women, the colorful color and smooth curve are very important for women.But this does not mean that we can ignore the importance of the size. An inappropriate sexy underwear will make you feel uncomfortable and affect your temperament and manner.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must ensure that its size is suitable for you.

Passing method 2: Pay attention to texture selection

When buying sexy underwear, we should pay attention to its texture and material.If your skin is more sensitive, it is best to choose a soft texture and more comfortable underwear, and even warm materials such as wool, you should have a comfortable lining to ensure that you do not cause excessive friction and itching when you wear.

Through method three: proper matching

Although sexy underwear is high, it also has a matching skills.If the style and color are used properly at the same time, you can create a different combination effect and show your beauty.And different styles of sexy underwear can be paired with different jackets or pants, which can highlight different charm.

Wear sexy underwear

As the name suggests, wearing a sexy underwear needs to wear underwear on the waist or the root of the thigh.This is a very sexy underwear, which is often used in sex games or fun nights.It will make your passengers feel extremely difficult to breathe and is a must -have for passion.

Half -cup cup of sexy sheet

The half -cup -covering underwear has less fabrics than the whole cup, which is more sexy.So this underwear style will highlight your chest lines and highlight your sexy charm.When you want to wear a V -neckment, it is very suitable to wear it.

Chest sticker sexy underwear

The chest sticker underwear is a completely naked underwear on the chest. You can freely treat it as part of the body and will not affect the beauty of the body.Therefore, it is interesting to wear it when parties or freedom.

Lace sexy underwear

Women have always fell in love with lace underwear because they can increase temperament and sexy charm.Lace erotic underwear is full of femininity and sexy. It has a high degree of luster, and the feminine temperament wearing it immediately improves.

Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear, and its transparency makes women look particularly sexy.If you want to leave an unforgettable impression on your partner, transparent sexy underwear is one of the best choices.And don’t worry about the size of the size. Its rubber telesiness is very strong and has a good sense of dressing.

Pure cotton sexy underwear

Pure cotton erotic underwear is suitable for those people with sensitive skin, which can effectively prevent skin allergies and rash.And cotton material is high, and it is very comfortable to wear on the body.


Wearing sex underwear needs to focus on comfort, choose the appropriate underwear size and texture.Pay attention to the matching of color and style to highlight your beauty and sexy charm.Different erotic underwear has different functions and characteristics. Choose the underwear that suits you according to different occasions and personalities to truly show your beautiful side.