Three points of sexy underwear hollow

What is hollow three points

The three -point sexy underwear refers to a set consisting of a bra and a hollow trousers. The bras and pants have sexy hollow design.In this sexy underwear, the fabrics of the bras and pants are usually lace or gauze, and the design uses a variety of hollow ways to highlight the curve and body of women.

Hollow three -point style

There are many styles of hollow three -point erotic underwear. The main difference is the hollow area and shape.Some styles of bras may only hollow the upper part of the entire cup, or only hollowed out on the edges of the bra. Compared with the vivid blank and hollow parts, the underwear has a more layered sense.Other styles may use complex hollow patterns to finely designed the hollow shape and position on all parts of the underwear, so that people are more noticeable.

Suitable crowd

Three -point sexy underwear is usually considered to be suitable for women with long body and beautiful lines, because it requires higher self -confidence to show the best results.Of course, with the different combinations of design innovation and accessories, three -point underwear can also be applied to more types of figure and style.

How to match

Generally speaking, three -point sexy underwear is best matched with transparent and light clothes, which allows people to see the design and style of underwear and better show sexy and fashionable.In addition, black and white are classic colors of three -point lingerie, and they can make the hollow part more vividly appear.Of course, if you want to try more bold, cool, and fashionable, you can also match clothes of various colors and exposure.

How to choose a size

When you choose a hollow three -point erotic underwear, you must pay attention to the correct size selection.Underwear that is not satisfied with your body may make you uncomfortable or unsafe.First of all, you need to measure the size of your chest and hips, and then choose the most suitable underwear according to your proportion.


Because the hollow three -point sexy underwear is usually made on soft materials, this requires a more gentle processing method.It is recommended to wash it with warm water and soft cleaning agent, gently press dry and sandwich in a towel.Avoid using excessively powerful cleaning agents or dryers, otherwise it will damage the materials and design of the underwear.

Common brands and styles

There are many brands that provide three -point sexy underwear in the market. They are favored by consumers with La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, Fleur Du Mal, Bordelle and other brands.

In terms of style, there are still many changes in the three -point underwear.For example, some styles use short -sleeved types of lace and gauze; others use suspenders and simple pants.No matter what style, it can bring out sexy and charming effects.

how to buy

In today’s market, you can buy your favorite hollowed out three -point erotic underwear from professional sexy underwear shops and websites.Size, materials and brands that you need to pay attention to before buying to ensure that the underwear you receive is in line with your expectations.


The three -point sexy underwear is suitable for self -confident and charming women. It is sexy and characteristic. Different designs and styles allow you to easily choose your body and style.This underwear requires special care and maintenance to ensure that it maintains a new state for a long time.We believe that through careful selection and matching, you will be able to wear three -point erotic underwear to become a confident and sexy charming woman.

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