Tie your hand with sexy underwear

Tie your hand with sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is no longer just to cover up the items of shame, but more to become the way of decorations and expression of gender.Today, what we want to talk about is a mild BDSM (Bondage-DISCIPLINE/SADISM-MASOCHISM) situation-tie your hand on sex underwear, whether to explore our desire or to experience this gameplay with your partner, we all needCorrect sexy underwear to achieve.Here are the main contents to cover this article:

1. Selection of sexy underwear

2. Types of sexy underwear tied to your hand

3. Selection of sexy underwear gloves

4. Tips for tie gloves

5. Note

6. Cleaning the problem of sexy underwear

7. Falling underwear maintenance

8. Introduce some sexy underwear brands

9. The relationship between sexy underwear and self -interesting gameplay

Selection of sex underwear

Whether you choose any sex underwear, you need to pay attention to quality, size and comfort.Sex underwear requires physical contact. If the erotic underwear does not meet the size and cannot fit the skin comfortably, you may feel uncomfortable.In addition, you need to pay attention to its way of dressing when choosing sexy underwear. Different erotic underwear category has different ways to wear.Before choosing, it is best to learn about their way of dressing.

Type of sexy underwear tied to your hand

There are many erotic underwear that can be tied to your hands, such as love handcuffs, sexual gloves, masks, and foot covers.Among them, love gloves are the most common and popular one, because they are relatively comfortable, and can cover the fingertips to avoid the discomfort caused by the bone friction between the fingers.At the same time, they can also pay attention to the beauty of the hands.Interest gloves can be made of a variety of materials, such as leather, rubber, plastic, satin and various fabrics.

Selection of sexy underwear gloves

When choosing sexy lingerie gloves, you need to pay attention to quality, size, materials and shapes.Quality is the most important for a sexy underwear. Generally, it is a brand with good choice of experience in sex underwear brand to avoid excessive investment and losses.Size is another element of purchasing sexy underwear. It must be close to the skin but not too tight.At the same time, the choice of materials is also critical. Materials with good breathing are usually more suitable for playing BDSM.Finally, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider its shape. You must choose your favorite form and color.

Tie on gloves

When you choose the right sexy underwear gloves, you need to wear them to your hands.The first step is to turn the surface over, then insert the hand in the gloves, the fingers through the tube from top to bottom, and finally pump the entire glove.In this process, it is important to note that in order to avoid cutting meat due to tight tightness, you must pay attention to choosing the materials and sizes that suits you, and at the same time you can use some lubricants to help the handle drawn.


Such gameplay is a relatively mild BDSM, but still needs to pay attention to safety.Before using sexy underwear, a common discussion must be conducted to determine the border between the two parties and the bottom line of respect for the gameplay.After that, you must keep awake in order to deal with some unexpected situations in time.Finally, it is necessary to classify information to protect your privacy in daily life and avoid accidental leakage.

Cleaning sexy underwear issues

Depending on different materials, the cleaning method of sexy underwear is also different.Some materials can be washed lightly under warm water, such as plastic or rubber materials coated on the skin; some materials need to be dry washing.In short, before cleaning, be sure to see the indication instructions.

Falling underwear maintenance

Correct maintenance can maintain good quality and performance of sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, it is best to collect erotic underwear in a cool and dry place, and it is forbidden to stack the sexy underwear to avoid deformation.When using sexy underwear, it must be correctly washed on it to avoid rubbing hard and washing with high temperature water.Finally, when not using sexy underwear, it needs to be sorted out and stores in a close sealed bag to avoid dust and other fine particles from entering.

Introduce some sexy underwear brands

Here, we can recommend some sexy underwear brands, such as Hustler, BACI, and Coquette. These brands have good quality assurance and detail design in design and production.These brands also provide a lot of sexual underwear to ensure that you can meet different needs and make full use of your imagination.

The relationship between sexy underwear and self -interesting gameplay

Interest underwear can not only work with the partner, to play BDSM sex gameplay, but also a way to pleasure yourself.Choosing appropriate sexy underwear can improve self -confidence and happiness, and at the same time, you can also test and explore your sexual preferences.During masturbation, sexy underwear can increase some visual stimulation and feel stimulus, and make the sexual experience more comfortable and pleasant.

in conclusion

Taking a handful of sexy underwear is a kind of irritating and pleasant quotation. We can explore new postures and games with ourselves or with our partners.Correctly selecting and using sexy underwear, and compliance with some basic security and cleaning rules can make us get the greatest fun anytime, anywhere.

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