University sex underwear girl

University sex underwear girl

The definition and role of sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear has become more and more sought after by women in recent years. It is a unique design and ingenious details to highlight the female body curve and sexy charm.Its role is not only to satisfy visual enjoyment, but also a challenge to people, but also increases the sexual interest between husband and wife.

Suitable for university sex lingerie girls

There are several types of university erotic underwear girls:

Sports: Suitable for sports women, pay more attention to comfort, but also have obvious sexy elements

Fresh type: Suitable for fresh and cute girls. The main characteristics of literary and fresh, generally choose light -colored sexy underwear

Sexy: Suitable for self -confidence and sexy women, with sexy temptation as the main characteristics, classic black and red are often the first choice

Different body choices

When choosing the style of sexy underwear, you need to choose the right style according to your own body type:

Plum: choose some models with support and compression effects, such as bras to enhance types to make the body line more stretch.

Lean type: You can choose some filled sexy underwear, such as sponge, cushion, and even underwear with fake bras, so that the figure is more curved.

The color and style of sex underwear

Generally, the color and style of sexy underwear can be used to achieve better dressing effects according to different combinations:

White: Suitable for fresh and cute and gentle girls. You can choose lace or lace styles for underwear styles, which is very suitable for spring and summer.

Black: It represents mature and stable and sexy colors. Black underwear can choose some styles of back or dig back to increase the sexyness of the body.

Red: Represents the color of romance and enthusiasm. You can choose the style of the back or navel lantern -style style to make the body line more beautiful.

Good erotic underwear basic elements

A good erotic underwear not only has unique features in design, but also work hard on craftsmanship, fabrics, and details.

Fabric: Materials with excellent quality, soft feel, and high comfort, and also meet certain elastic requirements.

Crafts: For sexy underwear, fine tailoring and sewing and chic design are very important. Its crafts can determine the comfort and aesthetics of underwear.

Details: The exquisite detail design can display the female curve more beautiful and beautiful, thereby enhancing the fashion and beauty of sexy underwear.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear

Putting erotic underwear on the beauty of underwear will have a very important impact on the beauty and comfort of the underwear:

When you wear underwear, you will buckle the back, uniformly pull it, and turn the underwear triangle through the chest.

The ratio of the lingerie pine tension is 3: 2, and if the tight coefficient is the same, it will affect the beauty of the underwear.

After putting on underwear, pinch with your fingers around the underwear to make it more natural and comfortable.

How to maintain sexy underwear

The correct maintenance method can make sexy underwear more durable. The common maintenance methods are as follows:

Avoid soaking and soaking in soapy water for a long time, otherwise it will affect the elasticity and luster of sexy underwear.

Avoid washing with laundry soap, because the oxidase and bleaching agents such as washing water and bleaching agents can cause sexy underwear to shrink and fade.

The sexy underwear should be dried after drying the moisture after drying towels. At the same time, the drying environment should also avoid direct sunlight, so as not to retreat the color underwear.

Recommended in combination with actual examples

Combined with actual examples, we can make recommendations for the following sexy lingerie:

Fresh and cute type: The erotic underwear of the rabbit ears, the fabric is soft and thin, symbolizing cuteness and lively.

Sexy temptation: Milk -style sexy underwear can not only show the body lines very well, but also very sexy.

Sports: Word -shaped underwear, suitable for sports women, which is comfortable and reflects body lines.

personal opinion

The university erotic underwear girl, as one of the representatives of modern women, has always had courage, confidence, and fashion, and the correct choice, correct wear and correct maintenance are the cornerstone of further.

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