Use the vest to make sexy underwear

Use the vest to make sexy underwear

The vest is a very basic clothing, but when adding some creativity and craftsmanship, it can be transformed into a very sexy sexy underwear.This article will introduce how to make a unique sexy underwear with a simple DIY step.

1. Choose suitable vests

First, we need to choose a suitable vest.It is best to choose vests with soft and comfortable materials and moderate size.

2. Treasure

After preparing scissors and vests, use scissors to cut the vest shortly.According to your own shape, you can cut into a short sexy underwear or cut into an off -the -shoulder vest.

3. Make a bra cup

Prepare two sponge pads or chest pads to put them into the vest.Set the chest pads in the right position and fix them on the vest with a needle line.

4. Bow decoration

On your chest, you can use lace, ribbon and other fabrics to make a bow.You can also use sequins, diamonds and other decorations to make this sexy underwear more sexy.

5. Make perspective decoration

Use scissors to cut out some patterns or patterns on the vest surface, and sew the net yarn from the fabric below.In this way, you can make a sexy perspective sexy underwear.

6. Add shoulder straps

If there is no shoulder strap style, you can add shoulder straps on your own.You can use sequins, chains and other decorative shoulder straps to make it more unique.

7. Apply a mildly pen

If you want to make a sexy sexy underwear, you can apply some fluorescent pens in the vest.This will show a very beautiful fluorescent effect in the dark.

8. Making lace lace

Some lace can be used to sew or fix the vest with hand -sewing or glue.This will make the vest more romantic and elegant.

9. Add belt

You can design a belt for this sexy underwear.This belt should be soft and comfortable, it is best to use transparent lace or silk.

10. Summary

It is very simple to make sexy underwear with vests, and only requires a certain amount of handicraft and imagination.By adding perspective decoration, bow, shoulder strap and other elements, it can make it more sexy and unique.At the same time, different vest styles and different decorative styles will also bring very different effects.Wish you DIY success and make a sexy and charming sexy underwear.

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