Varic transformation into sexy underwear


As a popular element in modern life, sexy underwear has become an essential thing for many women.In the market, there are many types of sexy underwear, different models, and the price is very different.If you are a economy -oriented woman, read this article.This article will introduce you how to transform a simple vest into a long sexy underwear.

Choose from

First of all, in order to transform the vest into sexy underwear, we need to choose a vest with moderate thickness and good quality.Do not choose too thin or too transparent materials to avoid affecting the effect.


After selecting the materials, we need to make some design considerations.Because we need to transform into sexy underwear, we need to change the vest to a long style so that we can meet the characteristics of sexy underwear.At the same time, you can consider adding some elements such as lace, satin to increase the beauty of sexy underwear.


After designing design considerations, we need to measure the vest.First of all, you need to measure the bust, it is best to do it when you are wearing a vest.Then measure the length we need to cut, and the length of the lace and other elements we need to ensure that the size of the sexy underwear after the transformation is right.

Cut off

After doing a good job of measurement, we started to tailor.Based on the measured data, mark on the vest, and then cut off the part that needs to be cut with scissors.At the same time, prepare the elements and other elements we choose, and prepare to sew.


After tailoring, we need to sew.This process requires some sewing skills, which requires sewing elements such as lace to the vest.This requires patience and meticulous manual operation to ensure sewing quality.


After sewing, we can choose some decorative elements to add the beauty of sexy underwear.For example, you can add some ribbon, lace lace, etc. to create a more design -oriented underwear.


When all work is completed, we need to try it on.Make sure that the sexy underwear is suitable for the vest, and the comfort and beauty can meet the requirements.


Finally, after using sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to maintenance.Be careful not to wash it with other colors of clothing. It is best to wash it with a hand washing mode to avoid damage.

in conclusion

In short, transforming the vests into sexy underwear requires patience and skills, but after the transformation, the sexy underwear is not only good -looking and affordable, but also provides a feasible choice for women in economics.At the same time, according to personal preferences, you can also change the design elements to make sexy underwear more personalized.

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