Various posture, teacher soldiers’ sexy underwear


As a product that can enhance sexual life, sexy underwear has been accepted and liked by more and more people.In different postures, choosing the right sexy underwear can improve the quality of sex and let people feel more fun in sex.This article will recommend the corresponding sexy underwear for different postures.

Section 1: Rear Equation

In all sexual postures, the post -type is the most likely to make women feel a strong pleasure, and it will not bring too much pain to women.At this time, it is recommended to use backpack hip -hip underwear, which can not only protect the hip muscles, but also enhance the visual effect during sex.

Section 2: Women’s Supreme

In the upper posture of women, women stood above the men and mastered the dominant position.Choosing an adult erotic underwear can not only enhance the irritation of sex, but also increase the visual effect during sex.At this time, it is recommended to use pink sexy lace sexy underwear to make women more confident and sexy in sex.

Section 3: Men’s top position

In the men’s posture, men have the dominant position.It is recommended to use black sexy underwear, with some moderate restraint, which can make women feel more stimulus.At the same time, black erotic underwear can also enhance the visual effects of men during sex.

Section 4: Side in Entry

The side entry is the most suitable posture for husband and wife to have sex after falling asleep.Because this posture requires two people to lie side by side, we need to wear comfortable sexy underwear.At this time, it is recommended to choose comfortable and natural sexy underwear, which can protect the health of the body without affecting the quality of sex.

Section 5: lying on the bed

This posture placed the woman’s body on the bed, and men stood by the bed.At this time, you can choose a sexy underwear with a vest high -waisted abdomen to make women’s bodies more compact, and men are more pleasant in sex.

Section 6: Sit on a man’s waist

This posture requires women to sit on the waist of men, and men support women’s waist while performing sex.At this time, it is recommended to be a transparent adult erotic underwear, which can enhance the visual effect and make sex more exciting.

Section 7: Frequent bed scenes

This posture is mainly to enhance the sense of pleasure through the proper physical movement, and the two can adjust them freely on the bed.In this case, it is recommended that a breathable sexy underwear with a soft texture can protect the skin and increase sexual interest.

Section 8: Use props

In some pose, using props can make sex more exciting.For example, the use of lace stockings, handcuffs and other props can not only increase visual effects, but also enhance interest and improve the quality of sex.

in conclusion

Different sexual postures require different sexy underwear to enhance the quality of sex and improve the fun of sex.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can meet the sexual life needs in different postures, and at the same time, it can also increase the fun and pleasure experience of sex.

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