Video recommended by Tmall sex underwear store

Video recommended by Tmall sex underwear store


With the progress of society and the opening of people’s sexual concepts, the sexy underwear market is becoming more and more prosperous.As one of the main domestic sexy underwear sales e -commerce companies, Tmall sex lingerie stores have recommended a series of exquisite sexy underwear videos.These videos have different themes and styles, suitable for different people’s needs.

Must -see student party

If you are a student party, your financial ability is limited, but you still want to try sexy underwear and recommend watching the "Honey Broadcast" series of videos.The design of these videos is simple and affordable, suitable for you in your student days.

Exquisite series

If you are pursuing high quality and details, the "Exquisite Series" video of Tmall’s sexy underwear shop is your best choice.These videos use high -end materials and exquisite craftsmanship, showing a brand new silky texture and gorgeous texture.

Sexy underwear temptation

If you want to be a sexy goddess, the "temptation series" video of Tmall’s sexy underwear shop is a must.These videos show a series of seductive sexy lingerie styles, allowing you to glowing a new charm in bed.

European and American style

If you yearn for the romantic atmosphere of Europe and the United States, the "Black Plan" series of Tmall sex underwear stores will satisfy you.These videos show the sexy underwear design of European and American style, bringing you a different sexy experience.


If you are a pragmatist, the "Miaoman Miracle" series video of Tmall sex underwear shop is your favorite.These videos show a practical sexy lingerie style, so that you can also realize the needs of pragmatism while enjoying sexy enjoyment.

Must -see for breasts

If you are a big female woman, I recommend the "Plus Series" video of Tmall sex underwear shop.These videos have designed a variety of sexy underwear for women with full breasts to make you comfortable and confident.

The choice of taste sex

If you like taste sex experience, Tmall’s "Fantasy Cinema" series video is your best choice.These videos show different scenes and interpretation methods in taste sex to satisfy your various taste sexual demands.


If you are a novice, you do n’t know how to choose sexy underwear, and recommend the “new product release” series video of Tmall sex underwear shop.These videos show the latest styles of sexy underwear, and also attach product parameters and other information, which is convenient for you to choose the appropriate sexy underwear products.

Classic models that are not to be missed

If you are a classicist, Tmall sex underwear shop must recommend the "traditional classic" series videos.These videos redesigned the classic sexy lingerie style, tapped traditional cultural elements, and brought a new sex experience.


These videos recommended by Tmall sex underwear shop are not to be missed by sex underwear enthusiasts and novices.These videos have their own unique style and design elements, which can meet the needs of different people.At the same time, adhering to health and practicality, this will allow more people to understand and accept sexy underwear culture.

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