Want to design sexy underwear

How to design sexy underwear-from the perspective of a professional designer

For me, design sex lingerie is not only a profession, but also a love.From the original ignorance to the current maturity, I have accumulated a lot of experience in designing sexy underwear, and now share it with you who want to engage in the industry.

Choose appropriate materials

Materials are the soul of sexy underwear. It is very critical to choose comfortable, soft, and highly elastic materials.For example, we usually use silk and embroidery fabrics, selected high -elastic fibers, and breathable cotton underwriters, which can bring a better wearable experience to the wearer.

Understand customer needs

Designers need to carefully understand the needs of various types of customers.For example, whether customers want to control the full color tone, or do they want more low -key colors, what special designs need for bras or underwear.In short, you need to gradually understand and understand the psychological and needs of customers, and provide them with suitable styles and styles.

Ergonomic design

Designing erotic underwear is a technical work. It is necessary to consider user experience and ergonomic design.For example, we should pay attention to the design of the bra’s support point, the elastic material of the bra, and the position of the balance point between the width of the shoulder band.

Style and design guidance

When designing sexy underwear, we need to consider all factors from prices to style.Adult underwear designed by some brands uses candy red and khaki. In the boutique sex lingerie market, the three -dimensional sense and ultimate improvement are the main consumption guidance directions.Designers should consider these factors and add some details and elements in the design plan.

Style and shape

In addition to materials and styles, the style and shape of sexy underwear are also very important.Different buckle, shoulder straps and cup types can provide users with different support and comfort.When designing styles, we can consider regulatory, invisible effects, breast enhancement and shaping effects.

Color and pattern

The design of colors and patterns is also an important part of underwear design.The right color choice can make underwear more attractive, such as our common red, black, dark blue and other colors; and exquisite patterns and embroidery can add beautiful elements to the underwear and enhance quality.

Fashion trends and market needs

The sexy underwear market often needs to keep up with the footsteps of fashion trends to meet the needs of consumers.Designers can find inspiration from the popular elements of major fashion weeks, combine market demand, and use current popular elements in the process of making underwear to meet customer needs.

Guarantee quality and reliability

Interesting underwear is a close wearing items, and quality and reliability need to be considered attentively when designing.Designers should choose durable materials to prevent problems such as cracking, deformation, or looseness.At the same time, it is necessary to carefully select manufacturers to ensure that the quality of production technology, technology and materials can be fully guaranteed.


Designing erotic underwear requires not only unique and innovative ideas, but also practical and experience.It is hoped that designers can fully consider the elements of materials, comfort, color and patterns, trends and reliability in designing in design to create a better experience for consumers.

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