Wear fun underwear videos for girlfriends

Choose sexy underwear suitable for girlfriend

Before choosing a sexy underwear for your girlfriend, you need to consider her preferences and figure.If she likes sexy styles, you can choose sexy underwear with perspective, lace, mesh or hollow design.And if she likes cute style, you can choose a cute underwear covered with fluff.In addition, the selected size, material, color and style must be in line with her body and skin type.

Buy high -quality sexy underwear

In order to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of sexy underwear, you should choose underwear with good brand reputation, high -level materials, and appropriate tailoring.Don’t buy low -quality underwear just because of the cheap price, otherwise it may cause problems such as impermeability, scar, itching, etc.

Appropriate time and place

Showing sexy underwear for your girlfriend needs to be carried out at the right time and place.Choose a private space to ensure that no one else bother you.Do not show in public or unpopular occasions.

Create a romantic atmosphere

Wearing a sexy underwear for your girlfriend needs to create a romantic atmosphere.You can use the atmosphere candlelight, music or other methods to create a special experience.Make sure she feels comfortable, relaxed and assured.

Careful explanation and guidance

Some erotic underwear may be relatively complicated and need to be explained and guided.Make sure you are installing correctly and provide appropriate suggestions and guidance to your girlfriend to ensure comfortable and beautiful wear.

Girlfriend’s self -esteem

It is important to ensure that your girlfriend has a good self -image.Before providing the selected sexy underwear, you must prepare psychological preparations to ensure that your girlfriend will not feel that you are criticized or not satisfied.

Encourage your girlfriend to express

Girlfriend may be shy or uncertain. At this time, you need to encourage her to express her feelings and needs.Ask her if she is comfortable, or if there is any problem.This can not only improve the experience of wearing sexy underwear, but also strengthen your relationship.

Improve self -confidence

Wearing sexy underwear can make his girlfriend feel more confident.When her self -confidence increases, she will feel more beautiful and more sexy.Express your praise carefully, which can strengthen her self -confidence and enhance the love between you.

Leave a fun home

Interest underwear can become a way to leave the fun home, bringing more fun to you and your girlfriend.Experience more sexy underwear and more ways, which can strengthen your feelings and passion of sexual life.


It is a special thing to choose sexy underwear for your girlfriend.Be careful and patiently, consider her emotional state and physical needs.It is recommended that you pay attention to the feelings and needs of your girlfriend while meeting the needs of your sexual life to ensure that the relationship between you is more beautiful, harmonious and intimate.

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