Wear sex underwear on the bus

Wear sex underwear on the bus

With the popularity of sexual culture, more and more women have tried to put on sexy underwear to highlight the fun of self and enjoy sex.However, wearing sex underwear in public still needs to consider it carefully.Let’s discuss the problems of wearing sexy underwear on the bus.

1. Wearing sexy underwear will attract the attention of others

Interest underwear is usually bold and sexy. It is easy to attract the attention and attention of others in public places, especially on the bus.Once you caught the attention of others, it will not only make yourself embarrassing, but also cause problems such as sexual harassment.

2. Sex underwear will affect public transport order

Public transportation is the first choice for many people to travel, and people such as people gather here.If wearing a sexy underwear on the bus, it is likely to affect the emotions and travel experiences of other passengers and disrupt public transportation order.

3. Pay attention to the occasion and fashion trend of wearing sexy underwear

You need to understand the occasions of the sex underwear, and display your beauty and sexy on appropriate occasions.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the trend and choose the style and style that suits you to fully reflect your personality and charm.

4. Promote true freedom

The original intention of wearing sex underwear is to show personal sexy and self -confidence, but wearing sex underwear in public places is easily considered irresponsible and disrespectful to others.In contrast, it advocates real sexual freedom, that is, to show their sexy and desires in private occasions, which is more appropriate than wearing erotic underwear in public.

5. Wearing sex underwear requires self -control

The appearance and temperament of each woman are different, and wearing sexy underwear also needs to choose and match according to their appearance and temperament.If you accidentally choose a sexy underwear that is not suitable for you, it may be counterproductive, causing strangeness and discomfort.

6. Use suitable accessories and makeup

Pay attention to matching accessories with accessories and makeup, and try to highlight your advantages and beauty.For example, you can match sexy high heels and smooth flowing long hair, or choose bright and touching lip gloss and bright eye makeup.

7. Avoid adding chaos and public morality

Public ethics is the bottom line and conscience of a society, and everyone needs to consciously maintain the guidelines and norms of public morality.Inappropriate behaviors and outfits are easily considered to be chaotic and public morality, which will not only cause resentment of others, but also may be hit and condemned.

8. Protect your privacy rights

Pay attention to protecting your privacy rights in sexy underwear, and try to avoid being taken or peeping by others in public.If you encounter bad behaviors, you should appeal and protect your rights in time to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

The above is the relevant discussion of wearing sexy underwear on the bus. Wearing sexy underwear needs to be timely and know how to control itself.In private occasions, you can show your sexy and desire, but you still need to abide by public ethics and norms in public, and maintain the good order and public morality of society.

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