Wear sex underwear photo photos video

Choose sexy underwear

If you want to wear a sexy underwear to shoot a photo video, of course, the first step is to choose the right sexy underwear.Different styles of sexy underwear have different styles and charm, and should be selected according to their temperament, body, style and shooting needs.

For example, if you want to create a sexy and charming atmosphere, you can choose a style with lace or rich layered sense; if you want to highlight the lines and curves of the chest, you can choose a style with gathering and shaping functions; and you want to try amazing.Visual effects, you can choose transparent materials or style with decorations.

With clothing and accessories

In addition to sexy underwear, suitable clothing and accessories are also elements that cannot be ignored during shooting.You can choose clothing based on the color, style and material of sexy underwear. For example, black color sexy underwear can be paired with perspective lace jackets or leather skirts; and red love underwear can be paired with lace stockings or high heels.

At the same time, appropriate accessories can also make the entire shooting effect more brilliant.For example, with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headwear, etc., the overall shape can be more complete and rich.

Consider shooting venues and layouts

The shooting venue and layout are also issues that need to be paid attention to when shooting underwear.Choosing the shooting venue and layout style can make the shooting effect more prominent.

You can choose some nightclubs, bars, luxury hotels and other venues as the shooting location, and choose a background suitable for temperament.In addition, according to the shooting needs, you can choose the corresponding shooting equipment, such as anti -light boards, flashlights, etc.

Shooting styling and posture

When taking pictures or videos of sexy underwear, the model and posture of the photographer are critical to the success of the shooting.The physical posture should be natural and stretched, and don’t be too stiff or pretentious.

The shooting model needs to try and summarize it by yourself. By imitating others, reference books, or watching the styling skills of others, it continuously improves its own shape.

Use light and angle

Use light and angle skills to adjust the shooting effect, which can highlight the lines, curves and outlines of the body.Photographers can use different light sources, such as lighting, location of the shooting point, presentation mode, etc. to create different effects.

The angle of shooting is equally critical. Proper adjustment of the shooting angle can highlight the lines and curves of the body.Under normal circumstances, shooters can choose to shoot, pulsify, low -angle shooting and high -angle shooting.

Pay attention to mentality and self -confidence

Wearing a sexy underwear to take pictures or videos, you need to have enough confidence and mentality.Interesting underwear shooting not only requires a good figure and temperament, but also has a confident, unruly, and open -minded heart, which can show your style during the shooting process.

Mental and self -confidence is not only about its own feelings, but also directly affects the effects and quality of shooting.After wearing sexy underwear, you can use body language and expressions to express your temperament and inner state.

Planning shooting time and number of times

Interesting underwear shooting is a more time -consuming task, which requires full planning time and number of times.This requires the photographer to make the shooting plan and preparation in the early stage to ensure the efficiency and thorough of the shooting process.

When shooting, the length and number of times can be adjusted according to the shooting progress and effects to ensure that each lens is perfect and satisfactory.

For unskilled technology

If you are not familiar with shooting technology, you can choose to ask a professional photographer or shooting team to complete the shooting.Professional shooting teams can help adjust and optimize in terms of machines, scenes, lights, etc. to ensure the quality and level of sexy underwear shooting effects.

Share personal works

After the shooting is completed, you can consider sharing your own works.You can choose to upload to video websites or social media, or hold street shooting activities locally to invite live audiences to watch their sexy underwear shooting works.

After sharing, it is necessary to actively respond and answer comments and feedback from the audience, while treating different opinions and criticisms rationally, objectively, and positively.


Wearing a sexy underwear shooting photo video is a very challenging and interesting task. It requires the photographer to give full play to their imagination, creativity and courage. Through continuous attempts and summaryEssence

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