Wear three -point erotic lingerie dew hair

Wear three -point erotic lingerie dew hair

When it comes to sexy underwear, three -point sexy underwear is almost considered the most sexy.However, many girls have obviously exposed hair when wearing three -point sexy underwear.If you don’t pay attention to this problem, you will be one of the embarrassment in the eyes of others.So, how to avoid dew, comfortable to wear?Let’s provide a few tips below.

Choice fabric

Fabrics are crucial to sexy underwear.If you choose improperly, the hair will be exposed.Therefore, when buying, we must choose high -quality fabrics, especially the three -point underwear. Due to the small area, we should choose fabrics with comfort and quality assurance.For example, lace lace, embroidery and other fabrics have good breathability and soft texture, so that the skin can not only get the skin comfortable, but also reduce the risk of hair.

Choose the size that suits you

Wearing a suitable size is the basis for avoiding dew.If the underwear is too small, there will be a problem of dew, and if the underwear is too large, it will lose the sexy effect.Therefore, you must choose a size suitable for you when buying a three -point underwear, so as to avoid loose underwear and better show the curve of your personal figure.

Adjust the tightness of the underwear

The sensual three -point underwear must fit the skin perfectly, thereby enhancing the advantages of personal figure and showing their charm.It should be noted that the adjustment of the tightness is achieved by the coverage of the underwear. Tighter or over looseness will damage the effect of the underwear.Therefore, when choosing and wearing a three -point underwear, we must pay attention to whether the lingerie is appropriate.

Choose the right style

Three -point sexy underwear is composed of three parts: top, bottom, and bottom. You can choose different styles of underwear according to your preference.For example, bras and underwear are all three -point types of T -shaped, and some bras use a wide shoulder strap to effectively support the chest. In addition, the lower briefs located in the lower part are also divided into various styles. You can choose what you like.Come to wear.

Appropriate underwear filling

An important role of underwear filling is to prevent the underwear from loosening and avoid exposed hair.Some sexy lingerie styles will add some underwear pads and paste it in the bra. This will not only prevent the chest expansion, but also make the chest look fuller, making you more sexy.


Three -point sexy underwear is not a underwear suitable for all occasions. You need to match the appropriate clothes according to the specific occasions.Especially the problem of pubic hair, we need to choose pants with waist lines or pockets when wearing. It is best to have pants pockets. We can completely cover the pubic hair and avoid accidentally leaking out of fun underwear.

Selection of color control

The choice of underwear color also needs to pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear. After all, it is sexy underwear, and it is not advisable to choose too exaggerated colors.Three -point underwear with too obvious color can easily attract attention, and deepen everyone’s impression that girls may get rid of the embarrassment. Therefore, when choosing, we should choose low -key and gentle colors, such as black, white and pink, which can give people a soft feeling.


Wearing three -point sexy underwear is easy to expose, but as long as you pay attention to the above problems, you can effectively avoid such problems.The cargo is better than the three companies to buy high -quality fabrics, choose the appropriate size and style, master the adjustment of underwear filling and tightness, and match the appropriate clothes to the underwear, and choose the appropriate color.These tips allow you to be confident, comfortable, and sexy when wearing three -point erotic underwear.

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