Wearing sexy underwear streets

Wearing sexy underwear streets

In modern society, erotic underwear is no longer considered to be too exposed, and it has become synonymous with fashion, sexy and confident.When more and more women buy sexy underwear, they no longer pay attention to comfort, more attention to the sexy and charm of clothes.Women who have gone through sexy underwear have gradually increased, which makes people more and more concerned about the types, styles, purchasing channels, and how to wear sexy underwear.This article will explore the configuration of the neighborhoods wearing sexy underwear.

1. Little breast girl

Girls in small breasts can choose a full -bodied erotic underwear. It usually uses a thicker material, with a certain amount of covering, making the chest look more plump, and setting out the perfect body proportion.At the same time, you can also choose to use sexy underwear with a three -dimensional filling effect to increase chest fullness.

2. Big breast girl

Girls with big breasts should choose sexy underwear with supporting effects to avoid sagging and expansion of the chest. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the use of good breathability, so that the skin can get good breathing and comfort.

3. Girl with a protruding belly

Girls with protruding belly can give priority to choosing sexy underwear with high waist design, which can well modify the waist lines and avoid the protruding belly.The short -sized erotic underwear is not very suitable for women with such figures.

4. Slim girls

Slim girls can choose sexy underwear with European and American -style style. This sexy underwear is very suitable for slender figure lines. Their tailoring design is also more fine, and the feeling of feeling when wearing is very sexy.

5. Long -arm girl

Long -arm girls should pay attention to choosing a style with short sleeves for choosing love underwear, making the overall proportion more well -proportioned.At the same time, you can also choose sexy underwear with tassel effects to enhance the layering of lines.

6. Girls with thick waist thick legs

The waist must wear a beam of sexy underwear, which can make the waist lines more beautiful.It is not recommended to choose too short sexy underwear, longer skirts or two -piece sexy underwear to make up for leg defects.

7. Girls with fat buttocks with bucket waist

Women with bucket waist fat hips can choose some sexy underwear with a large number of mesh eyes or use a transparent effects of sexy underwear to achieve the modification effect.At the same time, you can also choose T -type sexy underwear to make your hips look more beautiful.

8. Great Girl Girl

Grandma girls should choose loose sexy underwear, and avoid personal trousers design.At the same time, do not try to wear high waist -making underwear, which will make the butt look larger and the lines are too exaggerated.

9. Wide shoulder girls

Girls with wide shoulders can also choose some Roman -style sexy underwear. The style of this kind of sex lingerie is relatively loose. After putting it on it, it will cover the visual shortcomings of wide shoulders.

10. Strong girl

For a strong body, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with compressed effects to achieve shaping.At the same time, you should also avoid more exposed and fleshy sexy underwear, which will highlight the body’s obesity, which is not conducive to modifying the lines.


Beauty wearing sex underwear has begun to shift from a single focus to functional to more emphasis on fashion and personalization. More and more styles and materials have emerged. Women need to better choose their favorite dressing styleEssenceAt the same time, we should pay more attention to the perfect presentation of the figure, which will make you better in clothes.

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