Welling underwear movies

Welling underwear movies

Interest underwear has always been a representative of sexy and tempting. Its popularity is not only in real life, but also appearing in movies.The appearance of these sexy underwear makes the sexy scenes in the movie more embarrassing.Next, let’s take a look at those lingerie movies.

1. "Wolverine"

In the movie "Vajrayana", the Vajra Wolf played by Hugh Jackman showed his hidden troops to the heroine and CIA spy Masesa, and the heroine dressed uniquely attracted his attention.In her room, we can see her wearing a sexy red sexy underwear.

2. "Batman: Dark Knight"

This series of movies generally pay attention to justice and murder, but in "Batman: Dark Knight", love also appeared.This is because one of the items hanging on the grocery store is a flesh -colored woolen bag skirt, which is likely to be the sexual interest of Kane (Christian Bell Christian Bale), Maggie Gyllenhaal,underwear.

3. "Hot Mom Drive"

In this movie, both hot moms can look sexy and plump women, and their wearing is also very suitable for the role.After one of the hot moms’ baby was praised by the principal, the hot mom decided to celebrate, so we saw that they were wearing sexy sexy underwear.

4. "Pirates of the Caribbean"

In this movie, Elizabeth Swan, played by Kara Knightli, has many clothing, but she is the most noticeable to show a few naive scenes.Coincidentally, in one of the scenes, she wore a white sexy underwear, which was her costume during the adventure in the mummy cemetery.

5. "The Mask"

In "The Mask", Stanre Ipkat, played by Kim Kerry, also has a black sexy underwear, which makes this sexy fancy be fully displayed in the movie.

6. "Invisible Guests"

In this Spanish movie, Bárbara Lennie appeared in a rice pornographic underwear. The sexy underwear of this color tone brought a very strong sexy feeling.

7. "Spy Shadow 3"

In this movie, Jason Berne played by Matt Dimon followed the Moroccan spy to wear this costume, and created some thrilling and funny plots to further promote the sexy underwear in the movie in the movie.The propagation.

8. "Diamond Love"

"Diamond Love" is a movie about diamond jewelry and international criminal, but the protagonist Dai Fei and Dianne Brill wear sexy sexy underwear in the movie, so that the sexy underwear also has the role of the movie.

9. "Crazy Max 4: Rage Road"

In this movie, Chaos (Zhong Shaohua) and Slit (Josh Helman) of Slit (Josh Helman) are also very personalized.

10. "Rock Youth Le"

This is a movie about music and love.At the beginning of the movie, when John Cusack) and his girlfriend Laila (Iben HJEJLE) were intimate, Laila wore sexy sexy underwear, and that picture was very embarrassing.


The appearance of sexy underwear in the movie not only gives the movie more colors, but also improves the audience’s awareness of sexy underwear. It makes people realize that sexy underwear is not just a sexy costume, but also expressing female charm and self -confidence.Method and method.

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