Wet sexy underwear online

Paragraph 1: The problem of humidity of sexy underwear

For women, wearing sexy underwear in a humid environment is very uncomfortable.In an indoor environment such as an office, it is difficult to avoid humidity problems due to poor air conditioning or poor ventilation.Especially in the rainy season and summer, it is easy to make sexy underwear humid.

Paragraph 2: Affecting health issues

Wet sexy underwear is not conducive to women’s health.It is easy to breed bacteria for a long time, leading to inflammation and itching in private parts.Therefore, wearing erotic underwear in humid environments such as office will increase women’s health risks.

Paragraph 3: cotton sexy underwear

For the problem of wearing erotic underwear in a humid environment, you can choose a more breathable cotton sexy underwear.Cotton erotic underwear not only has good breathability, but also very good hygroscopicity. It is not easy to occur in the problem of humid underwear.

Paragraph 4: Silk -quality erotic underwear

Silk sexy underwear is a high -quality, high -end sexy underwear.Not only is it comfortable to touch, but it is good for breathability and is not easy to humid.Therefore, if you don’t want to give up wearing high -end sexy lingerie, silk sexy underwear is also a good choice.

Paragraph 5: Pay attention to material selection

Of course, the material is one of the most important considerations for choosing sexy underwear.In addition to cotton and silk, there are other high -quality materials to choose from, such as linen, lace, woolen, etc.Different materials have different breathability and humidity, and can be selected according to individual needs.

Paragraph 6: Change new underwear

New sex underwear is usually more comfortable and breathable than old sexy underwear.Therefore, replacement of underwear in time is also one of the good ways to prevent the humidity of sexy underwear.In addition, whether it is new underwear or old underwear, it must be washed and dried up and kept clean and dry.

Paragraph 7: Reduce wear time

If you work in a humid environment for a long time, it is recommended to wear less sex underwear as possible.You can go to the office to change into light and breathable clothing before going to work, and put on sexy underwear after get off work.This can not only prevent the humid underwear, but also make the skin better breathe.

Paragraph 8: Keep a good ventilation

Maintaining good ventilation is also one of the important ways to prevent the humidity of sexy underwear.In the humid season, the windows can be opened for ventilation.If the office has no conditional ventilation for the time being, you can use equipment such as fresh air to reduce the impact of the humid environment.

Paragraph Jiu: Main in the pants skirt

If you don’t want to wear erotic underwear in the office, then the inside of the panties can play the same protective role.Choose breathable, hygroscopic underwear and pads, and change frequently not only to protect the body, but also keep the underwear dry.

Paragraph 10: Views

Wet sexy underwear will not only affect women’s wearing comfort, but also have an important impact on women’s physical health.Therefore, choosing sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and environment, changing new underwear, ishing and drying in diligence, maintaining breathable and ventilated office environment can better prevent the emergence of humidity of sexy underwear.

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