What are the channels for sex underwear sales

What are the channels for sex underwear sales

Physical store sales

Physical stores are one of the main channels for sex underwear sales.Interest underwear stores are usually located in a commercial district or shopping center.These stores are usually divided into men, women and husband and wife.

Internet sales

Online sales are another main channel for sex underwear sales.Most sexual sexy underwear shops have their own online stores.Through online sales, customers can buy their favorite products within a wider area.

Social media sales

Social media has become a powerful tool for marketing sexy underwear.The owner can publish or introduce, sell and publicize activities on social media to attract more customers.

Party sales

Party sales are a sales activity held at home or private occasions.The salesperson brought the fun underwear and other related adults to the customer’s house and asked them to choose and buy.This sales model is full of interest and interaction, especially suitable for friends to recommend and introduce each other.


Wholesale sales of sexy underwear are targeted at the same industry merchants.Merchants can sign contracts with manufacturers or dealers to purchase sexy underwear and other related products at a wholesale price.This model is suitable for businesses operating adult products, and they can get lower prices and increase profitability.

Agent sales

The agency sales model allows merchants to sell sexy underwear in the form of agents.This form can save business costs and risks.Merchants only need to pay the distribution profit of the product, and the production and distribution are responsible for the main operators.

Live sales

Live sales are displayed on the Internet through live -action short -lived products, increasing user stickiness, and allowing customers to buy in a short period of time.This sales model is suitable for businesses with certain social influence and user stickiness.

Two -dimensional sales

The second -dimensional sales are to pack sexy underwear through the second -dimensional culture such as animation and games, and to sell through the fields such as the two -dimensional cultural fields such as exhibitions and theaters.This sales model aims to make full use of this young market and cultural characteristics, understand user psychology, and enhance market competitiveness.

Large -scale supermarket sales

Some large supermarkets began to get involved in the sales of sexy underwear.The scale and efficiency of large supermarkets allow them to take into account the brand and indirect sales channels at the same time, and expand the business opportunities along the line to achieve high profitability of similar products.

Marketing invitations to sell

Invite sales are to invite other industries to order products, consumers order products and help invite more consumers, on the one hand, let merchants get new customers, on the other hand, to train more salesperson through rewards, and increase customer viscosity and merchant profits.


Expand sales through a variety of sales channels, the sexy underwear market will become more and more extensive.Merchants can choose the appropriate sales channels according to their actual needs, and achieve the maximum marketing results at the lowest cost.However, for online sales and social media sales, merchants need to pay attention to after -sales service, maintain customer favorability, enhance brand image, and obtain more long -term stable customers.

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