What are the fun underwear braids?

What are the fun underwear braids?

Sex underwear refers to underwear designed for sex.In the market, there are many common sexy underwear styles. Some of them will have some special designs, such as braids.So what is the sexy lingerie braid?This article will be introduced in detail.

1. Types of braids

In the market, there are many types of braids in common sexy underwear.The more common braids are belt braids, shoulder straps, legs and braids.These braids have corresponding effects in the design of underwear.

2. The material of the braid

Under normal circumstances, the material of the braid is the same as the main material of the sexy underwear.For example, if the erotic underwear is made of silk fabric, the braid should also use the same silk fabric.This can ensure that the texture and touch of the entire erotic underwear are the same.

3. The role of braids

There are many braids in sexy underwear. One of the most common functions is the decorative effect.Because the design of the braid is special, it usually gives people a very special feeling.In addition, braids can also reduce heat and avoid being too sultry to cause the body due to the high degree of denseness of the entire underwear.

4. The role of belt braid

The belt braids are usually located in the waistline of the underwear to regulate the size and tightness of the sexy underwear.This ensures that underwear can better fit the body.

5. The role of shoulder strap braid

The shoulder strap braid has two main functions. First, it can regulate the tightness of the sexy underwear and ensure that it can better fit the upper body.Second, it can be decorated and make sexy underwear more attractive.

6. The role of the braid on the leg

For sexy underwear with short skirts or hot pants, leg braid is very important.It mainly plays a non -slip effect to prevent sexy underwear from falling in exercise.At the same time, the braid on the leg can also play a role in modifying the figure.

7. The decorative effect of the braid

As an important element in sexy underwear design, braids mainly play a decorative role.Therefore, when designing sexy underwear, the position and number of braids are very particular.A clever braid design makes sexy underwear more unique and attractive.

8. Falling underwear comfort

For the design of sexy underwear, comfort is very important.The presence of braids can make the comfort of sexy underwear better guaranteed.Through the design of the braid, the restrictions of sexy underwear on the body can be reduced, making the wear experience more comfortable.

9. The role of braids in sex games

For some creative sex games, the design of the braid can also play a good role.For example, through the design of the braid, you can play a more deeper level to enjoy a richer sex life.

10. Summary

In summary, there are many effects of braids in sexy underwear.In the design of sexy underwear, the presence of braids can play a variety of effects such as decorative effects, enhanced comfort, regulating dimensions and tightness.For the styles and needs of different sexy underwear, braids also show a variety of different design and functions, which can meet various needs.

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