What do men think in my heart

What do men think in my heart

In the sexy underwear market, women are the main consumer groups, but men can also become consumers, because sexy underwear is not only a exclusive product of women, but for men, sexy underwear is also attractive.So, when men see sexy underwear, what do they think in their hearts?Below, we will analyze this topic from the perspective of male psychology.

The first paragraph: sexy and sloppy

The design of sexy underwear is to show the sexy curve of women, which is why men often choose sexy styles when buying sexy underwear.Men like to see women put on sexy sexy underwear, which can be visually stimulated.In addition, some men also have a soft spot for their sloppy sexy lingerie, because this underwear can make them feel female sexual desire and emotions, thereby gaining satisfaction.

Paragraph 2: I want to control

Men always like to play the role of controller in the relationship, and sexy underwear has a good effect on this psychology.When women wear sexy underwear, men can feel that they have the control of women’s bodies, thereby satisfying psychological control.

3rd paragraph: attention to details

The exquisite details of the sexy underwear can attract men’s attention. Men will also be particularly sensitive to the small differences in women. This kind of attention to details is also reflected in sexy underwear.When men see women wearing high -quality sexy underwear, they will appreciate the stitching, lace, lace and other elements.

Fourth paragraph: I hope to discover a new gameplay

In addition to traditional underwear and pajamas, sexy underwear also provides many new gameplay.Men always want to find new stimuli and creativity in sex life, so when buying sexy underwear, they will also seek novel experiences and unexpected creativity.

Paragraph 5: Looking forward to the partner

When men buy sexy underwear, they often consider their partners, not themselves.They are more designs to find a comfortable and sexy design, so that the partner shows the perfect side when wearing a sexy underwear, thereby increasing intimacy and emotional communication.

Section 6: Self -confidence in the body

Interest underwear is not just a sexy coat, it can also make people more confident in their bodies.For those who are inferior or less acceptable to their bodies, wearing sexy underwear may make them confident, thereby relaxing and naturally appearing in front of their partners.

Seventh paragraph: In order to improve the quality of sexual life

The pursuit of sexy underwear is the atmosphere of enthusiasm and love. It brings more fun and excitement to the sex life between couples, thereby improving the quality of sexual life.For men, buying sexy underwear is not only to stimulate visual nerves, but also to improve the quality and richness of sexual life.

Eighth paragraph: pursuit of quality

Men also have a high pursuit of the quality of sexy underwear. They will choose soft, skin -friendly, high -end fabrics and materials, rather than sexy design.In the face of quality, the design has become secondary, and men are more inclined to choose a cost -effective sexy underwear brand.


There are many kinds of psychological needs for men to look at sex underwear. Therefore, design styles and material quality will all become men’s shopping attention points.By selecting and wearing sexy underwear, men can better contact their partners to meet their psychological and physiological needs.

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