What certificate do I need to buy sex underwear

What certificate do I need to buy sex underwear

When we want to buy sexy underwear, we often encounter some confusion. How can we buy our favorite sexy underwear correctly?What documents do I need?In this article, we will answer these questions for you.

1. Understand the proportion of the figure, choose the size that suits you

The size of the sexy underwear may not be the size of the general traditional underwear. It is recommended to understand your body proportion before dressing. At the same time, you can choose the suitable size when you buy to ensure the comfort on the clothes and make yourself more beautiful.

2. Material selection

There are diverse types of erotic underwear, and the feeling of wearing on the body is also very different.Generally, there are five types of fiber, real silk, chemical fiber, sky silk, and artificial fiber. Among them, real silk is most suitable for people with slightly sensitive skin. The air -conditioned room will produce static electricity, and artificial fiber materials will cause physical discomfortEssenceIt is recommended to consider the comfort while ensuring the quality of the material when purchasing.

3. Confirm the quality

Every time you buy sexy underwear, it is very important to confirm the quality, because low -quality sexy underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also potentially harmful to health.Check whether the underwear has a dilapidated place, set off some of the inspection of the suture quality and thickness, check the stability of the metal buttons and the adjustment part, etc. These are important indicators to evaluate the quality of the underwear.

4. Style selection

The style of sexy underwear is diverse, from sweet, sexy, amazing to sexy Europe and the United States.Different occasions preferred styles are also different, so it is recommended to choose according to their needs and occasions when buying to give full play to the effect of sexy lingerie.

5. Suitable color

Color is a very important factor in the choice of sexy underwear.Different colors will have different effects on different occasions and different skin, so you must consider whether the color is suitable for you when choosing to get the best results.

6. Time to buy

The purchase time of sexy underwear is also very important. Do not purchase as much as possible on working hours, because it will bring some embarrassing and bad evaluations to sexy underwear shops.In order to get a better choice experience and more opinions, it is recommended to go to the store to buy in the rest time.

7. Do you need to try

Different women are very different in style, size, and color preferences. Therefore, we recommend that when shopping in a sexy underwear shop, as long as you can contact the store or shop staff as much as possible, after providing many professional opinions and related suggestions, you may provide many professional opinions and related suggestions.Decide whether to try items.

8. The required documents

When buying sexy underwear, there are generally no documents.However, in some activities or circumstances involving security guarantees, relevant documents may also be required, so it is necessary to determine whether the seller of sexy underwear needs to provide a certificate.


In summary, you need to pay attention to many matters when choosing and buying sexy underwear, and the factors that need to consider different people and occasions are not the same.But in general, choosing the right sexy underwear can make people more confident and beautiful.Before buying, you must first understand your needs and give enough ideas and time to choose the best balance in your needs and effects.

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