What do I need to buy sex underwear in the supermarket

What do I need to buy sex underwear in the supermarket

Interest underwear is a equipment that modern women are used to give them sexy and confident equipment.Although sexy underwear is not just to meet the needs of sexual life, it is still an important part of any sex game.In the supermarket, you can find a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, but for those who tried for the first time, buying sexy underwear may be a challenging and difficult process.This article will introduce the points and precautions that you need to consider when buying sexy underwear in the supermarket.

1. Reference size table

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is a vital factor.Whether you buy bras, underwear, restraint devices, or other types of sexy underwear, make sure you choose the size correctly.You can find a size watch on a brand website or in the store.If you are not sure, don’t be shy, ask the clerk to help you measure.

2. Determine your body type

Even if you choose the right size, the sexy underwear still needs to match your body, which means that you need to understand your body type.Knowing your body shape can help you choose the type of sexy underwear that suits you best.For example, if you are an apple -shaped body, choosing a longer restraint device will be more suitable for you, and if you are a pear -shaped body, then you should reflect on some sexy underwear to promote the breast.

3. Choose the appropriate material

When choosing sexy underwear, material is a very important factor.Most sexy lingerie is made of silk, lace and embroidery materials, but there are great differences between these materials.In addition to the appearance, you also need to pay attention to the softness, breathability and comfort of the material.When necessary, you can ask the characteristics of each material in the process of consulting the clerk and what season is suitable for the material.

4. Consider color

Color is a very important aspect of sexy underwear.Although black, red, purple and pink are the most common colors, there are many other colors and patterns to choose from.Choosing the color of sexy underwear usually needs to consider your personal preference, but also consider the matching of it with your skin color.Ink green, blue and milky white will be suitable for different skin tone and temperament.

5. Special design

Special designs in sexy underwear make your experience richer and interesting.For example, some sexy underwear has supporting handcuffs, tights, and so on.You can choose a special design coordinated with other sexual supplies you need when buying.

6. Quality

The quality and price of sexy underwear are closely related.Although the quality of more quality of the quality may be more expensive, this sexy underwear will be more durable, more comfortable, and more beautiful.In supermarkets, you can find relatively cheap and low -quality sexy underwear, but they may be impatient, impermeable, and uncomfortable.Therefore, when buying, price and quality need to be measured.

7. Flexibility

The flexibility of sexy underwear is another factor that needs to be considered.You need to know if love underwear is suitable for you to exercise, bend or sit down.If you choose a sexy underwear that is not elastic or fit, you may feel uncomfortable or even painful after use.

8. Brand

Brand is another important decision when choosing sexy underwear.By choosing some famous brands, you can get better quality assurance, and such brands are more particular about publicity and product design.Understanding and choosing a reliable brand will make you more assured your purchase.

9. Try to penetrate

The most important thing for buying sexy underwear in supermarkets is trying on.This will help you determine whether you choose the correct size, as well as the flexibility of sexy underwear, breathability, and so on.When trying on, consider the comfort and applicability of this sexy underwear.Therefore, you always need to choose a physical store to buy sexy underwear, because this can ensure that you try it on and feel before you buy it.

10. Conclusion

Through this article, you should have learned about the main points and precautions for buying sexy underwear in supermarkets.When choosing sexy underwear, considering size, body type, material, color, special design, quality, quality, wearing flexibility, brand and trial is very important.It is important to spend time and attention before buying to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. It will make you more assured and confident in sex games.

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