What is good to sell sex underwear?

1 Introduction

Interesting underwear has always been one of the popular products in the sex toy industry.However, when selling fun underwear, choosing a suitable name is a big challenge.Good names can attract more consumers, increase sales, and strengthen the brand image. So, what is good for selling sexy underwear?Here are some suggestions given in this article.

2. Simple and easy to understand

First of all, the name should be easy to understand.The shorter the time of understanding the name, the longer the time you remember.A short name is easy to be memorized by consumers. For example, the name "cheese" is easily remembered and understood.

3. Highlighting characteristics

Secondly, the name should highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear.For example, "sexy roses" highlight the sexy and romantic atmosphere; "Full Vision Network" highlights the uniqueness of the product and emphasizes visual effects.

4. Vocabulary innovation

The vocabulary of the name should be innovative to fully express the characteristics and advantages of the product.For example, the name "Ye Mu" highlights the charm of nightlife and the charm of sexy; "desire fire" emphasizes that sex underwear can stimulate users’ desires.

5. Related to the target market

The name should be related to the target market.The names selling to men or women are relatively different.For example, for the women’s market, the names such as "peach blossoms" or "health pants" can attract women consumers and make them feel comfortable and confident.For the male market, the names such as "secret garden" or "sexual interest" can attract the attention of male consumers.

6. Reverse consumers’ imagination

The name should stimulate consumers’ interest and imagination.For example, names such as "Binghuo Rose" or "Love Manual" can stimulate consumers’ interest in sexy underwear and enable them to imagine how to use these products.

7. There is a colorful name

The name should have the characteristics of vivid images.For example, names such as "Rainbow" or "Liu Jin Ye" have unique artistic conception and visual effects, which can have a good visual impact on consumers.

8. Using the language cleverly

It is also a good way to use foreign languages cleverly. Such a name is often more attractive to some young consumers.For example, "Red Passion" and "Temptation" both have some international feelings that can attract more trendy young people.

9. The energy of the net name

The energy of the net name is also an important factor.Now, most of the sexy underwear shops have their own online stores. Therefore, the energy of the net name also needs to be considered.A good net name can not only attract more customers, but also increase the reputation and popularity of the store.

10. Conclusion

Selling sex underwear, taking names is a very important link.A good name can attract more consumers, increase sales, and strengthen the brand image.Therefore, when taking the name, you need to pay attention to some basic principles, such as simple and easy to understand, highlighting characteristics, vocabulary innovation, related to the target market, stimulating imagination, vivid image, and clever use of foreign language and net names.

Overall, pay attention to individuality and market integration.For start -up companies, innovation, fate, life fit, literary nature, emotional and other elements can make the brand stand out immediately and more attractive.However, remembering that quality is always the most important.A good brand name does not replace inferior products.Only high -quality, high -quality sexy underwear can go further.

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