What should I do if I live in sexy underwear with my in -laws

What should I do if I live in sexy underwear with my in -laws

Many newly married couples have to live with their in -laws for some reason. At this time, choosing sexy underwear needs to be careful and cautious.Here are some solutions for your reference.

Respect the in -laws

First of all, it is very important to respect the in -laws.毕竟他们是长辈,他们可能没有接受过这种文化和生活方式,如果你不想让他们尴尬不安,最好不要选择太过性感的情趣内衣,否则他们可能会不知所措或者感到非常不舒服,进而I have misunderstood you and your partner.

Choose a relatively conservative style

For those couples who have been in love for several years, language, limb language, etc. are already familiar. If you want to put on sexy underwear to present a gift for your partner, you can choose some relatively conservative styles.For example, sexy lace bra and shorts, or specially designed stockings, can increase the atmosphere, increase romance, but not make the parents -in -law embarrassing in front of you.

Avoid excessive exposure skin

Avoiding too much skin is also a point that you need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear.The shoulder straps of a small corset and shorts that can almost see the hips can make the in -laws very uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing some sexy underwear with a larger area can easily avoid this embarrassment.


Choosing the timing is also very important. For example, you can wear sexy underwear to flirt after the in -laws are not at home or they enter the rest time. At the same time, pay attention to controlling the volume. Do not make noise to avoid noise to the in -laws.

Avoid too late

In addition to choosing the time, you need to pay attention to time. Don’t put on sexy underwear for too late to tease your partner.Because if it is too late, your in -laws may get up or suddenly appear.This will not only make you embarrassed, but also cause a bad response.

In the room

In order to avoid embarrassing scenes, it is best to put your teasing and sexy lingerie in the room, so that they will not see the pictures that make them uncomfortable.

Keep the room tidy

If your sexy underwear is worn on yourself, your in -laws may not say anything.But if your erotic underwear is placed on the balcony or hanging outside the room, then the in -laws may be disagreed with you.Therefore, keeping the room tidy will help avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

Pack up at any time

After using the colorful underwear, clean it in time and put it in the right place in time, and it is likely to make the in -laws very embarrassing together.Therefore, keeping cleaning at any time will bring more convenience to your life.


When living in the in -laws, it is best not to choose too exposed and sexy sexy underwear. At the same time, pay attention to time, place, and atmosphere.Don’t forget to respect your in -laws, keep the room tidy, and clean up at any time.Only in this way can we cleverly maintain the relationship with my in -laws, while adding a new spark to your love life.

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