What kind of erotic underwear for novices

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?This is a problem that novices often encounter.In the market, there are all kinds of sexy underwear for choice.This article will help you understand the type of love underwear and give practical suggestions to help you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.


First of all, let’s look at the material of sexy underwear.Different materials do affect your choice.There are three main types: cotton, silk and synthetic fibers.

Cotton erotic underwear: If you are pursuing comfort, and you need sexy and charm at the same time, cotton sexy underwear is a good choice.This kind of sexy underwear has good breathability and high comfort, but the fabric is heavy, and it looks unsatisfactory.

Silk texture underwear: Silk -quality sexy underwear light transmittance and luster are better than cotton -like sexy underwear. The gentle and warm touch will make you feel delicate and warm sexy. The main role of this sexy underwear is highlighting the figure.

Synthetic fiber love underwear: Synthetic fiber love lingerie is cheap, but compared with the previous two, the quality is not high.This sexy underwear is more suitable for fashion and modern style, but it may appear in a situation where sexual dressing may not be strong enough and sexy.

Which style do you like?

Next, let’s look at the style, this is another important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Different styles allow you to have different performances on different occasions.

Sexy bras: When it involves sexy underwear, this is one of the styles that people think of.This sexy underwear is suitable for most occasions, but its efficacy is also limited in various occasions.

Funny dress: If you want to make yourself a sexy woman, this is the best choice.It can highlight your curve and make you look more sexy.

Sexual underwear: Sexual underwear is often one of the most practical sexy underwear. They are wearing inside. You can choose different styles and colors.

Is the color suitable?

In addition to materials and styles, it is also important to choose the correct color for sexy underwear.Here are some colors that need to be considered:

Black: Black sexy underwear is a representative of sexy and boldness. There is no doubt that there are always more opportunities to come in handy in sex.

Red: Red color sexy underwear can make you more attractive and mysterious, and it is also one of the symbols of sexual pleasure.

White: White sex underwear is usually considered to represent purity and innocence. This color reveals light, but it may not be so suitable for sex and dating.

Choose a suitable size

Finally, when you choose sexy underwear, you must choose the right size.Wearing suitable sexy underwear is the dream of most women.The following are some points that need to be remembered:

It is necessary to ensure that sexy underwear has the necessary support, and do not keep the edge of the bra to your chest or clothes too tight.

Make sure that the underwear is not too loose or too tight, and has enough comfort and space.

Although sometimes a sexy underwear does not need to fit your body exactly, too large or too small in sexy underwear may affect your sex experience.


When choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you should consider your own preferences and needs.Different types and styles are suitable for different situations and occasions, but if you can choose appropriate size and color, you can enjoy the fun of sex more confidently.No matter what happens, you should always remember -sexy starts with confidence!

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