What kind of sexy underwear is wearing small breasts

1. Understand your chest shape and size

It is important to understand your chest shape and size before choosing a sexy underwear.If you have a small chest, it is recommended to choose A and B underwear, and they will add a little charming to your figure.For women with irregular chest or small, you can choose to have a sexy underwear with pads to increase the curve of the chest.

2. Style selection: Deep V Interesting underwear

Deep V Conference underwear is one of the best styles suitable for small breasts. It can highlight the beautiful lines of the chest and will not make the chest look flat.When choosing a deep V to make fun underwear, it is recommended to choose silk or lace texture, which can match your skin, and will not restrain your outline.

3. Preferred underwear soft labes

Women in small breasts do not need to emphasize their chests too much. The soft -stranded erotic underwear is a gentle, soft, and unintentional choice.They are suitable for wearing under summer or light clothes, and they can also exert the unique charm of sexy underwear.

4. Choose bright color tone underwear

Choosing a bright or bright sexy underwear is the simplest way to increase the self -confidence and charm of small breasts.You can choose bright yellow, bright pink or foreign red.Or choose a sticker -style sexy underwear to wrap them around your chest.Different colors and designs will add confidence to you.

5. Refreshing wide shoulder strap sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of a wide shoulder strap can clearly show the outline of your shoulder and chest.Moreover, they can play a role of support and avoid sagging breasts.Choosing a skin color or bright color underwear can maintain a refreshing appearance, nor does it affect your clothes.

6. Choose splicing sexy underwear

Switching sexy underwear is very popular, and they can make your small breasts look fuller.Choose silk or lace stitching sexy underwear, they can add some sense of abundance to your body.

7. Choose sexy underwear with lace

Lace is an elegant element that is suitable for any type of sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear with lace, you can consider choosing a triangle or V style.They can make your small breasts look more efficient.

8. Choose a mixed -match sex underwear

Mixed -match sexy underwear is also another choice for women in small breasts.They can mix different materials, colors and design underwear together to make your small chest look more layered.

9. Choose front buckle sexy underwear

The front buckle erotic underwear is a comfortable and practical choice.They can make you easily put on and take off your underwear, and can show the exquisite charm of small breasts.When choosing a front buckle erotic underwear, you can choose a design with jewelry or sequins to add some glory to your body.

10. Feel self -confidence and beauty

Finally, it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for you.At any time, you must enjoy your beauty and charm, regardless of your chest size.Choose the underwear that suits you to feel self -confidence and beauty.

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