What machines do we need to produce sexy underwear


Interest underwear manufacturing is a valuable and demand market.In this field, it is very important to have the correct production equipment, technology and production processes.

Essential machine

Various types of sexy underwear require specific types of machines.Although there are many tools and equipment that can make the production process more efficient and easier, at the most basic level, the following machines are necessary.

Sewing machine

Production of sexy underwear requires a sewing machine.This machine provides locking between two threads, making the sutures more firm, and the produced clothing is more suitable for skin contact.Although there are many different types of sewing machines, multi -functional and high -speed industrial sewing machines are ideal choices for producing sexy underwear.

Cutting Machine

Making sexy underwear requires accurate size and shape.Therefore, the cutting machine is an important device that can cut out the outline and appearance of the clothing at a higher speed and more accurate way, thereby reducing waste and improving production efficiency.

Ironing machine

Interest underwear is a close -fitting clothing, so you need to iron the stitching and reduce the folds of the clothing by ironing.There are many different types of ironing machines, including handheld and platform types, but production of sexy underwear requires industrial -level ironing machines to ensure the quality of the product.

Chest pad

Interest underwear requires a close chest pad to bring more beautiful effects to consumers.Therefore, when mass production of sexy underwear, a dedicated chest cushion machine is needed.They can accurately locate and suture chest pads according to the size and shape of the clothes.


The material of sexy underwear is usually thin and soft fabric, so it is necessary to keep a cooling state during the production period to prevent the loss of softness.Industrial freezers can be used to store fabrics and ensure that they maintain a suitable state during production.

Hot Press

There are many details of sexy underwear, which need to be used with heat -sensitive materials and pictures with accurate temperature and pressure.The heat compressor can add these details to the clothing, thereby increasing accuracy and printing quality.

laser cutter

Laser cutting machines can be used to create patterns and design on fabrics, and they can complete more accurate work than humans in a shorter time.In addition, the laser cutting machine can also cut out a special shape of fabric to make the sexy underwear more unique and interesting.

Automatic suture

Auto suture machine refers to a sewing machine with computer control function.They have the ability to suture, embroidery and print, making production products more efficient and accurate.The automatic suture machine can quickly combine components and add design elements, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire production process.

in conclusion

Production underwear requires a complete production line and various types of machines.These machines need to have high -speed, efficient and high -precision functions to ensure the final quality of the product.Although the above machines are not necessary to produce sexy underwear, they can make the production process more convenient and efficient.

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