What sexy underwear is suitable for fat girlfriends

What sexy underwear is suitable for fat girlfriends

Some people think that girls with full curve are suitable for loose clothes, but this is not necessarily correct.A sufficient chest and a full body of the belly can also show your sexy and charm through the appropriate erotic underwear.So, what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for fat girlfriends?Below, we will answer this question from multiple angles.

1. When selecting styles, pay attention to comfort

The choice of underwear should not only consider the aesthetics, but also pay attention to comfort.For fat girlfriends, choosing a delicate underwear should also pay attention to comfort.Choose a soft, elastic and wrapped underwear to ensure the comfort of the underwear.Natural colors such as beige, skin tone, black or gray underwear can also highlight the sexy of women.

2. Choose the right size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is crucial.Excessive tight underwear cards will make your flesh look more abrupt, and loose underwear is not conducive to showing the advantages of the figure.Therefore, be sure to choose underwear suitable for your body.Perform physical examinations before buying sex underwear, and accurately measure data, waist, hip circumference and other data to ensure that you buy the appropriate size.

3. style choice to conform to your own temperament

Different erotic underwear styles are suitable for different people. When choosing a style, you need to consider your own temperament.If you are confident and open -minded, you may wish to try sexy transparent, lace lace, etc. to show your femininity; if you want to be more low -key, you can choose a more concise style, such as no marked underwear.

4. The quality of the fabric is guaranteed

The quality of the fabric of sex underwear directly affects the wearing effect.High -quality fabrics can provide a comfortable sense of skin sticking, and it is not easy to deform, folds, and even the effect of weight loss and shaping.When choosing a sexy underwear, be sure to choose products with high -quality fabrics.

5. The design of the waist arc should be appropriate

The waist part is a key design site for sexy underwear. Good or bad can affect the entire effect of the underwear.For the fat girlfriend, choosing a sexy underwear that enhances the waist arc design can effectively tighten the waist flesh and make you look slender.

6. The accessories design is not too cumbersome

The accessories on the erotic underwear are beautiful, but not everyone can control this dazzling decoration.For fat girlfriends, too tedious accessories can easily take away your beauty.Therefore, it is best to choose a simple and simple sexy underwear to show your sexy.

7. The matching method of lace and gauze skirt

Lace or gauze skirt is the most popular category of see -through sexy underwear. Its light texture and soft feel are suitable for the figure of fat girlfriends.When mating with sexy underwear, you can choose a sexy underwear that is compatible with lace or gauze skirt to show the atmosphere and elegance.

8. European and American style sexy underwear

The European and American style of sexy underwear is often considered a high -level, elegant, and sexy style.The positioning of this kind of sexy underwear is relatively elegant. Unlike domestic sweet style, it emphasizes personalization and fashion in color selection and material texture.If you also have a unique temperament, the fat girlfriend may wish to choose the European and American style sexy underwear to show your high -end temperament.

Nine. Make the chest more abundant

Fat girlfriends may have a larger chest, but it is not necessarily a plump chest.If you want to make your chest look more abundant and full, you can choose to add elements such as bone support, lace, lace, etc. These elements can make your chest more three -dimensional and show a more charming curve.

10. Summary view

In short, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is a very worth learning.At the same time, for fat girlfriends, we need to pay more attention to their own figure, choose a style that suits you, and wear your own beauty.Don’t forget that beauty is a kind of attitude and is a kind of confidence.

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