What should I do if I wear a sexy underwear without a cleavage?

The problem of lack of cleavage

When wearing sex underwear, many women want their chests to be more sexy and more attractive, and at the same time hope to show the perfect cleavage.However, when wearing sexy underwear, some people may encounter the lack of cleavage, which is a troublesome and awkward problem.


It is important to understand the shape and characteristics of your own breasts.Whether it is the type of breast shape, body shape, and chest tissue, it may become the cause of lack of cleavage.Some people are born with smaller breasts, and the cleavage is difficult to form; some people have drooping breasts and relaxation because of production and breastfeeding, and there is no depth of the cleavage.

Solution: Appropriate sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the key to solving the problem.For women with relatively small breasts, you need to choose a sexy underwear with Push UP or adding coasters. This can increase the height and plump of the breast, shorten the breast septum, and form a deep -dig cleavage.When using a coin, pay attention to the size of the size and the breathability of the fabric.For women with sagging breasts, you must choose a sexy underwear with tightening and supporting effects.

A first -aid clothing: chest pad

The chest pad is a kind of first -aid clothing that can help you quickly solve the problem of lack of cleavage.It is transparent, light and thin, and is safe. Without the need for straps on the chest, you can make your chest fuller and sexy, and at the same time help improve the lack of cleavage when wearing sexy underwear.

Change the habit of wearable

The correct method of wearing underwear can improve your chest shape and even reduce the risk of breast disease.Under normal circumstances, breasts should be placed in the coaster and are supported by underwear.This means that the underwear strap and the shoulder strap must be tightly linked and adjusted to a proper tightness to ensure that the coaster is tightly fitted with the breast without shift or scratching the skin.

Be confident

Female friends should not forget that self -confidence is the sexiest, and their bodies have many advantages to show.Regardless of your chest size or shape, self -confidence is the key to your more sexy and more comfortable.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, don’t be too entangled in whether the cleavage is deep. It is important to be a confident woman.

Choose the right clothing

Wearing a suitable sexy underwear can improve your body, but on the other hand, you also need to choose the right clothing to better show your body advantages.For example, high -waisted pants, V -neck shirts and suspenders are all suitable clothes that are suitable for showing their body advantages.

Before and after surgery

For people with obvious breast form and characteristics, breast plastic surgery may become an effective means.Precautions before and after surgery are very important. For example, before surgery, you should obey the doctor’s suggestion and maintain good health. After surgery, you should pay attention to the nursing of wounds and the guidance of postoperative recovery.

Reasonable lifestyle

Reasonable living habits are also very important for breast health. For example, good eating habits can prevent breast hyperplasia and make the breasts healthier and tighter.At the same time, appropriate amounts of exercise can also help shape the chest and make it look more upright and elastic.

Seeking professional help

If you have no accurate judgment and solution on your own situation, or have no experience in choosing sexy underwear or other better care methods, you can seek help from professionals.Doctors and underwear experts may give better suggestions and choices.


Facing the lack of cleavage when wearing sex underwear, choosing sexy underwear correctly, changing wearable habits, and seeking professional help are all effective ways to solve this annoying problem.However, the most important thing is to maintain self -confidence. Being a confident woman can show the sexiest and beautiful self.

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