What should I do if I wear sexy underwear in winter

What should I do if I wear sexy underwear in winter?

The coldness of winter makes people have to increase warmth measures, especially in the cold season, wearing sexy underwear can easily make the body cold. So how to wear a fun underwear in winter?Share some tips below.

Choose the material with good warmth, the material material

Choose sexy underwear with good warmth, such as silk, cotton and other materials, have a good warmth effect.The velvet fabric is also a material suitable for winter.

Add a small suspender

Put a small suspender on the sex underwear.Choose a tight -fitting style of a small camisole, which can keep warm but also achieve the effect of self -cultivation.

Match with a sweater or coat

Interesting underwear can be used as an inside, plus sweater or coat, which is warm and fashionable.With sweaters or jackets, it can not only highlight the sexy feeling, but also make the overall match more reasonable and meet the climate.

Don’t ignore the warm pantyhose

Putting on warm pantyhose can effectively protect the lower body and make the body warmer.Lace or mesh erotic underwear can be matched with the uniform color -based warm pantyhose, which not only modified the leg shape, but also played a warmth.

Use electric heating equipment

Using electric heating appliances such as electric heating or electric blankets in winter can ensure that sexy underwear is comfortable and warm.At the same time, you can also put the electric heating insoles in your shoes before going out to avoid cold feet.

Choose a suitable size

The appropriate size can ensure the fit of sexy underwear and the body.Excessive erotic underwear is not only uncomfortable, but also damages your health.Choose a suitable size of sexy underwear, which is comfortable and not cold.

Put on with velvet pants

In addition to the warmth of the body in winter, the warmth of the lower body cannot be ignored.Putting with velvet autumn pants under the sexy underwear can not only keep warm, but also make your body more charming.

Choose a suitable style

In winter, not only should we pay attention to the warmth of sexy underwear, but also to choose suitable styles.Some high -necked or long -sleeved sexy underwear is more suitable for winter dress, which is warm and sexy.


In winter, wearing fun underwear is not only for sexy, but also pay attention to keeping warm.Choosing the suitable size of sexual underwear materials, coats, adding small camisrets, warm pantyhose, electric heating heating appliances, etc. can help us wear sexy underwear warm and comfortably in winter.Let us show a sexy side in winter.

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