What should I do if Taobao can’t receive a sexy underwear store?

1. Taobao cannot collect sex underwear shops

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a choice of many people, but when buying, some people will encounter a difficulty: Taobao cannot collect sexy underwear shops.This is a more troublesome thing for people who often buy sexy underwear on Taobao.So, how to solve this problem?Next, I will introduce several solutions.

2. How to search for sexy underwear shops

First of all, if you want to collect a sexy underwear shop, you need to search for this shop.In Taobao, product search and store search are separated.If you want to find a sexy underwear shop, you can find the shop on Taobao homepage, enter the shop name or keyword in the search box, or find the entrances such as "Tmall" and "Gathering" on Taobao homepage, and then click onSearch on the left "shop search".

3. Add a shopping cart or collectible product

If you find your favorite sexy underwear products, you can choose to add a shopping cart or collecting product in the product page.Add a shopping cart can be purchased in batches during the settlement, and the collection product creates a collection clip in its own account, which can easily find the product in the future.However, please note that only if you add a shopping cart or collecting goods, you cannot collect the stores.

4. Through Taobao Live Collection Store

Taobao Live is a service from Taobao. Many sexy underwear shops will also be sold here.If you like a sexy underwear shop, you can find the store anchor by live broadcast, and then find the store name or seller nickname in the sales page of the anchor, and then search for the store collection.

5. Search shop keywords

If you know the keywords of the store, you can also enter directly in Taobao’s search box.For example, if you want to search for sexy underwear of a certain brand, you can enter "Brand+Interesting Lingerie" in the search box for search, and then find the shop and collect it in the search results.

6. Add store link manually

If the above methods are not available, you can also collect the link manually.Find the homepage of the sexy underwear shop or any product page that you want to collect in the browser, copy the link of the page, and paste the link and save it in the Taobao collection clip.

7. Share store link

In addition, you can also use the links of sexy underwear shops to friends or your own QR codes.You can send the link to your mobile phone or computer, and then open the link in Taobao to collect the store.

8. Follow the WeChat public account or applet

Many sexy underwear shops have their own WeChat public account or applet. If you pay attention to the WeChat public account or applet of the shop, it will be much more convenient to collect stores or find products in the future.

9. Summary

Therefore, although Taobao cannot directly collect sexy underwear shops, it can be collected through some methods.In addition to searching for shops or products in Taobao, adding shopping carts or collecting products, and adding links through Taobao live broadcast, hand -added links, can also be collected by sharing store links, follow the store WeChat public account or mini -program.

10. Last suggestion

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to pay attention. You must choose a regular and reputable shop for purchase. At the same time, you should pay attention to sizes and styles to avoid inappropriate situations.I hope that the above method can help those in need, I wish you all a happy shopping!

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