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Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a kind of underwear that makes you feel fun, sexy and charming.

Brand sexy underwear shop

Some well -known brand sexy underwear stores (such as Show Brazil, Sister Furong, Mi Mei, etc.). Most of their product styles are mainly European and American interests, adults, and sexual interest, suitable for young people or couples to buy.These brand sexy underwear shops are more common in large shopping malls or fashion shopping malls.

Offline adult products store

Offline adult products store can be said to be the easiest place to buy in sex underwear.Most of these stores are in some remote places in the city, such as markets, communities, and corners of the mall.The fun underwear styles of these shops are rich in underwear, and the price is relatively affordable, but it should be noted that the environment of these stores may not be very good. Please pay attention to hygiene issues when buying.

Internet sex underwear store

With the rise of the Internet, a new shopping channel has gradually formed.At present, many sexy underwear stores have opened their own online shops, such as Taobao, JD.com, etc. The brands, styles and prices of these shops are relatively comprehensive and transparent, and they can also avoid many embarrassing and shy shopping environment.

Private erotic lingerie customization

Some people feel that the style and style of adult sex lingerie are too standard and cannot meet personalized needs.The customization of private erotic underwear solves this problem.This customized service can be tailor -made for personal needs, body size, preferences, etc. to ensure comfortable, personal, and sexy.

Early spring sex lingerie stream model

As the weather gradually warms, many women have begun to pursue some thin and comfortable sexy underwear, such as lace, tulle, perspective.These underwear styles focus on the lines, curves, and fluffy, which can make women show the sexy side in spring.

Summer sex underwear selection

Summer is a season that can show the body as much as possible, so choosing a suitable sexy underwear is naturally necessary.In the selection of sexy underwear in summer, you can give priority to some light, breathable, sweat -absorbing fabrics, such as cotton, cotton, chiffon, etc.In addition, you can choose some light, cool, and sexy designs.

Autumn erotic lingerie stream model

In autumn, some darkest and more complicated sexy underwear is very popular.Such as dark lace, flower printing, or some design -like dark stripes.These sexy underwear not only increases the sexy atmosphere, but also adds a exotic style to the autumn skin.

Winter erotic underwear selection

Winter is a season that needs to be warm and sexy, so the choice of sexy underwear has been greatly limited.However, there are some large spaces that can be played, such as thick underwear, new styles of leggings, plus chiffon sexy lingerie, and so on.These sexy underwear, while keeping warm, can also reflect the sexy and charm of women.

The matching and washing of sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear is a question that needs to be paid attention to.How to match sex underwear with other clothing properly, not only can increase women’s confidence and charm, but also make you look decent on various occasions.In addition, sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to maintenance and washing, so as to ensure their service life.


In short, sexy underwear is one of the important representatives of women wearing beautiful and sexy. It can not only reflect the confidence and charm of women, but also add a romance and interest to the couple.As long as you pay attention to the place, style and quality you buy, and correct matching and maintenance, you can buy high -quality sexy underwear, making your life better and interesting.

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