Where can I produce sexy underwear in the country

Where can I produce sexy underwear in the country

As an emerging product, sexy underwear is loved by young people.So, where can I produce sexy underwear?This article will answer this question for you.

Zhejiang Yuyao

Yuyao, Zhejiang is a well -known domestic sex product production base. There are professional sexy underwear production plants.Due to the strict quality control and good supply chain environment in the region, the quality of the sexy underwear produced is quite excellent, and the color, fabric, and styles are diverse.

Guangzhou Huadu

Guangzhou Huadu is also a domestic sexy underwear production base. Most of its products are fashionable, and the fabrics are mostly ultra -thin materials. It is suitable for hot summer.Moreover, you can find a lot of creative sexy underwear designers, and their works are shining.

Jiangsu Wuxi

Wuxi is a city that integrates textiles and manufacturing. There are also many sexy underwear manufacturing plants here.Compared with other cities, Wuxi’s sexy underwear factory is small, but it still has the production capacity and quality that cannot be underestimated.

Fujian Jinjiang

Jinjiang, Fujian is mainly textile industry, and the production link of sexy underwear is complete.There are hundreds of factories operating in sex underwear business here, especially the quality of fabrics and brands.Therefore, it is not difficult to find that after years of development, Jinjiang has become the center of the nation’s sex underwear industry.


Shanghai is my country’s economic center, and there are some sexy underwear manufacturers here.Although the number of sexy underwear manufacturers in Shanghai is small compared to other cities, due to its developed circulation industry and a good trade environment, the sexy underwear produced by Shanghai through national sales, the market influence cannot be underestimated.

Guangdong Dongguan

Dongguan is known as the "World Factory", and of course sexy underwear production is also developing here.The sexy underwear in Dongguan is still mainly small and low -cost. Some brand manufacturers also have production bases here, and the price is more affordable.

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Suzhou is the capital of China ’s texture and has a high reputation in the country and international.Suzhou’s sexy underwear is characterized by beautiful lines and colors, as well as excellent tailoring and fabrics.


Although Chongqing is not a sexy underwear production base, its economic strength and high degree of modernization have attracted a lot of sexy underwear brands.Most of Chongqing’s sexy underwear products are produced in other places. After museum -style marketing, consumers can better understand the origin and design process of emotic underwear products.

Henan Jiaozuo

Henan Jiaozuo, as a small city, is very famous in the sexy underwear manufacturing industry and has a very popular sexy underwear production plant.It is mainly sexy and creative, rich in organic shapes, and is loved by female consumers.

Hunan Loudi

Hunan Lou Di Interesting Underwear Factory is also very large, mostly for popularization, and some niche design products.For newcomers of sexy underwear, Loudi’s factory is a better choice.


The above is where there is a place where there are sexy underwear introduced in this article.Of course, this does not mean that only these cities can produce high -quality sexy underwear. Other cities also have production factories that make sexy underwear.At the same time, consumers should also choose a brand and style that suits them according to their needs when buying sexy underwear.

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