Where is the sexy underwear at home usually put

It is common to place sexy underwear at home. Some people put them in the laundry basket, and some people like to put them in wardrobes or drawers.But which method is the best?Today, we will come and discuss together, where should the sexy underwear at home generally put.

1. Laundry basket

The laundry basket is a place where dirty clothes and bedding.For some people who like to wash sex underwear alone, this is a good choice.However, if your family members often browse your laundry basket, it is not appropriate.In addition, long -term stored in the laundry basket will cause sexual underwear to deform and fade.

2. Wardrobe

Putting sex underwear in the closet is a good choice.Wardrobe is usually more private than laundry baskets, which can protect your underwear from observation of family members or pets.Wardrobe also helps protect the shape of underwear and maintain its color.If your wardrobe space is limited, you can consider using a hanger or drawer to store sex underwear.

3. drawer

A dedicated underwear drawer can be an ideal choice for storing sex underwear.This is convenient for you to organize sexy underwear and separate it from other clothes.Interest underwear is in the protection environment and can extend its service life.If you don’t have enough space to set up a dedicated underwear drawer, you can consider buying a small underwear storage box.

4. Dedu

Some people choose to put sexy underwear in the bedside table.This makes the underwear more convenient and you can use it at any time.However, the bedside table is usually placed in the bedroom, which is easy to let family or guests see it.So, if you focus on privacy, consider other ways.

5. Packaging box

Some of the packaging boxes attached to the underwear are very beautiful, you can put underwear back to their original box.This is a good way to help protect sexy underwear, and it is also suitable for those underwear that do not wear often.In addition, the beautiful boxing box can also decorate your room well.

6. Hook

Some erotic underwear has adjustable shoulder straps, which can be easily stored on the hook.This method is suitable for those who need to quickly grasp underwear, especially when saving space, this is a good way.However, hooks may cause poor underwear to remain poor, and it is not convenient to separate color.

7. Under bed storage box

For those who want to be more hidden and private, the underworld storage box is a good choice.These boxes are suitable for storing a lot of sexy underwear, and it is not easy to be discovered by family members or guests.However, if your room is not large, this method will occupy your precious bottom space.

8. Clothing storage box

If you are not sure to put the sexy underwear in a certain place, a clothing storage box may be a suitable choice.This method can separate the sexy underwear from other clothing, easy to store, and move to different storage locations.

When organizing family underwear, sexy underwear should also be your consideration.Choosing a storage method that suits you can keep your underwear in shape and quality and extend its service life.No matter which method you choose, remember to deal with sexy underwear, so as to ensure that they always maintain the best state.

Finally, different storage methods are suitable for different situations and individuals.You can test different storage methods to find the best way for you.However, no matter how you choose, protecting erotic underwear is the key to maintaining its best state.

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