Which blogger on Weibo sells sexy underwear

Which blogger on Weibo sells sexy underwear

As people’s attention to sexual health and sexual blessings has increased, the market market has developed rapidly.In this market, sexy underwear is also a very popular product, and many bloggers are selling sexy underwear on Weibo.So, which blogger’s sexy lingerie is good and trustworthy?Here are several bloggers worthy of attention.

1. Little Fairy の Life Diary

Little Fairy’s Life Diary is a enthusiastic sexy lingerie blogger. She often shares her experience and sexy underwear evaluation.Her evaluation is usually very detailed. In addition to the appearance and comfort, some details and materials will be explained.

Second, Hannal ◆ Family

Hannal ◆ Family is a blogger who sells sexy underwear. Her Weibo name also has the keyword "sexy underwear".Hannal ◆ Family has many sexy lingerie styles, and the price is relatively close to the people, suitable for ordinary people to consume.

Third, Xiao Doudou SOY

Xiao Doudou SOY’s Weibo player "Underwear Show" and "Interesting Underwear", her sexy underwear evaluation is also more popular.Compared with other bloggers, the sexy lingerie style of Xiao Doudou Soy pays more attention to fashion.

Fourth, Little P’s Interest Living Club

The purpose of Xiao P’s interesting life club is "making women more beautiful, confident, and more tasteful." The sexy underwear she sells also follows this concept.Little P’s erotic underwear not only has rich style choices, but also pays attention to material and dressing feelings.

Five, Fun Night Helene126

The Interest Night Helene126 is a seller and blogger. She sells less sex underwear, but the quality is high.On Weibo, the fun night Helene126 also shared a lot of knowledge about sex and health.

6. Only love underwear

Only love underwear can be said to be a sexy underwear brand, but bloggers are also one of the founders of the brand.The style of love underwear is generally more sexy, and the quality is very high.

7. Yao sex underwear

Yao’s style of sexy underwear is also relatively abundant, including suspenders and hollow design as its main features.The bloggers have also shared the dressing and maintenance skills of many sexy lingerie.

8. Interesting Experience Officer Evita

The sex experience official Evita is an independent blogger. She does not have her own shop, but she often recommends some sexy underwear.She also shared a lot of topics about lust and sexual health on Weibo. It can be said that it is a very professional and professional blogger.

Nine, mandala’s sexy underwear

Mandala’s sexy underwear is a shop specializing in sexy underwear, and bloggers are also one of the stores.The style of Mandala’s sexy underwear is very design, and the material and workmanship of the underwear are very good.

Ten, small sauce beans sex underwear

The sales objects of small sauce bean sex underwear are mainly "sex clothing" such as translucent, lace, mesh, stockings, and stockings. Of course, there are also sexy underwear.Most of the styles of small sauce beans sexy underwear are more sexy, and the price is more affordable.


In summary, each blogger has its excellence, and which blogger to choose to buy sexy underwear mainly depends on your needs and interests.I hope this article can help you.

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