Who is the two who auction sex underwear

Background introduction

The auction of sexy underwear has attracted some attention on the Internet, but who the two of the two who auction have aroused people’s curiosity.Below, we will reveal this mysterious veil for you.

Who is the two of the auction

On the Internet, there are many rumors about the two people who auction sex underwear.Some people think they are two couples, and others think they are two friends who love sexy underwear.

However, in fact, these two people are the owners and friends of a sexy underwear company.This incident was originally raised at their birthday party. At that time, everyone felt that this idea was very interesting, so they put it into practice.

Why auction sexy underwear

The two have their own explanations for why they want to auction sexy underwear.The boss said that they have been trying to promote the company’s products, but the traditional propaganda method is not obvious.Therefore, they thought of combining such novel and interesting ways to auction with erotic underwear.

And his friends believe that sexy underwear itself is a very private item. Auction allows people to buy the products they want under the premise of protecting privacy, and it can also increase its mystery and attractiveness.

Auction process

The process of auction sexy underwear is relatively simple, mainly divided into the following steps:

OK to be auctioned

Determine the starting price and increase price range

Start auction, everyone can bid according to their own needs

After the auction is over, the highest price will win this sexy underwear

The effect of the auction

This method of auction has achieved a certain effect. On the one hand, it has attracted the attention of many people, and on the other hand, many people also know this sexy underwear company.

According to the boss’s introduction, they also opened a small exhibition at the same time as the auction to show some of their companies’ products, and these products also attracted the attention of many people.

Attitude of different people

As we all know, the acceptance of sexy underwear in China is not very high, so different people will have a different attitude towards auction of sexy underwear.

Some people think that this is a kind of blatant behavior, and some people are looking at the attitude, thinking that this is just a joke.

Is auction of sexy underwear suitable?

In response to the attitude of different people above, we might as well think about: Is it appropriate to auction sexy underwear?

This is actually a very subjective issue.In a certain sense, auction of sexy underwear is not a kind of excessive behavior. After all, there is nothing bad for sex underwear itself.However, considering the domestic cultural background and the degree of acceptance of people, some people may feel that this method is too direct.


In any case, we should respect the opinions and opinions of others.There is nothing wrong with the auction of sexy underwear. The problem lies in our attitude towards it.I hope we can look at these issues with a peaceful and neutral attitude.

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