Why does it exclude sexy underwear

Why does it exclude sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy clothing. Their materials and design are to enhance the sexy charm of the wearer.However, some people may have a feeling of rejection of sexy underwear.Let’s discuss why it feels like this.

Cultural background effect

Cultural background may be one of the reasons that affect people’s sexy underwear.In some cultures, sex is a topic that is not discussed and discussed.Therefore, for people of these cultures, sexy underwear may be regarded as an inappropriate and shameful behavior.Therefore, cultural differences are closely related to the acceptance of sexy underwear.

Unconfident in your own figure

Unconfident in its own figure is also a reason for people to wear sexy underwear.Due to the particularity of sexy lingerie materials, it has higher requirements for body figure.For some people, wearing erotic underwear can make them feel inferior and uneasy.Therefore, people feel that their body is not perfect is also one of the reasons for rejecting erotic underwear.

Understanding and attitude towards sex

People’s sexual attitudes and understanding are also factor affecting the acceptance of sexy underwear.For some people, sex is a private behavior. They think that sexy underwear is not suitable for public display.Other people regard sex as a kind of fun, and they are more willing to wear sexy clothing to express their interest and enthusiasm for sex.Therefore, people’s attitudes and understanding of sex will also affect their degree of sexy underwear.

Social moral constraint

Social morality and value concept are another factor that affects the acceptance of sexy underwear.In some society, people’s views of sex are more conservative, and they do not accept behaviors such as sexy underwear.Therefore, the constraints of social morality are also a factor affecting the acceptance of sexy underwear.

Scared to sexy characters

Some people are afraid of the sexy characters presented in sexy underwear.They are worried that this role will affect their true image, or they think that this sexy character does not conform to their personality characteristics.Therefore, for these people, wearing sexy underwear can make them feel uncomfortable and stressful.

Worry about money

Interest underwear is usually more expensive than ordinary underwear and clothing.For some people, buying sexy underwear may make them feel too much.Therefore, some people are worried that buying sexy underwear will affect their economy.

Suspecting the quality of the product

Some people also have doubts about the quality of goods, which will affect their degree of sexy underwear.People are worried that the quality of love underwear is not good, and the problems of uncomfortable materials will affect the wearing experience.This suspicion may come from uncertainty about purchasing sources and brand trust.

Unwilling to bear evaluation

Wearing a sexy underwear may make others evaluate the sexual and emotional interests they express, which will make some people feel uncomfortable and unwilling to wear.They are worried that their performance is not as good as others or is ridiculed by others.Therefore, some people are unwilling to wear the risk of this evaluation in sexy lingerie.

Gender character issue

In some cultures, people’s views on gender characters are more traditional.For these people, women should show gentle and restrained, while men should show strong and masculine.Therefore, sexy clothing such as sexy underwear will be regarded as a subversion of a gender character.This is why some people refuse to wear sexy underwear.


Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing, which metaphorically people’s expression of sex and love.Different people have different personalities, backgrounds, and values, which is also the reason why people have different degrees of acceptance of sexy underwear.When receiving sexy underwear, you need to judge according to your aesthetic needs and cultural background, and do not limit your pursuit by external factors.

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