Why is the sexy underwear called blood droplets

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear classification, which is sexy, romantic, and luxurious. The design pays great attention to the details of details and the display of women’s curves.Different from ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is related to sex. It is a kind of sexual products, which can increase interest and improve the quality of sex.

What is blood drip

Blood droplets are a classic style in sexy underwear, which has a long history.Its name comes from the depiction of its special design form.There are two main styles of blood droplets, one is a half cup, and the other is a full cup. The design concept is to show the breast shape of women and strengthen the temptation.The reason why this underwear is popular is because it can mobilize men’s lust and make women more attractive.

Design elements of blood droplets

The design of the blood droplets is very special. Generally, a special curling process is used to sew the lace on the clothing into a flower butterfly or other shapes with the hand, and some will hang a ribbon or wearing a lace tuner to give people temptation to seducea feeling of.The part of the chest is used with fine embroidery or massage beads (ink beads), and the tightly pulls through the ribbon brings a sense of fit to the chest, making the breasts wearing this underwear more beautiful and more attractive.

Why is it called Blood Drops

It is said that in the folklore, a beautiful woman in ancient times was just married and was unfortunately killed.The murderer wanted to cover up the crime, hiding the woman’s body in the grass, bitten by a mosquito, and the blood flowed down, slowly forming a series of crystals like a blood drip.Later, the temple was built in this place for the sacrifice. The idol was wearing a current blood drip underwear like a woman, and later generations called this underwear with blood droplets. This is also the source of the name of the blood drip.

Blood dripping occasion

Blood droplets are generally available in the sexual sex of the two, which can better evoke men’s sexual desire and increase interest.When multiple people uniform bullying, it is also very popular, which can play a short -term sexual education role.In addition, in a party or special occasion, wearing blood droplets can also become the focus of everyone, causing the attention and envy of others.

Applicable crowd of blood droplets

Compared with other types of sexy underwear, blood droplets underwear, its unique charm and design are more suitable for self -confidence, have a beautiful figure, and hope to strengthen the attractive and interesting women on the bed.If you are a large and plump woman, blood droplets are one of the best choices in highlighting the chest shape.Of course, I believe that my heart will be more important than any clothing.

Blood Drop Maintenance

As a kind of sexy underwear, blood droplets should pay special attention during use and maintenance.To avoid long -term exposure to direct sunlight, avoid mixing with other clothes, and do not have too long washing time. You can choose to wash with soft detergent.For details such as lace on the blood droplets, you need to be careful to prevent damage, stretching, and scraping.

The sales of blood droplets in the market

Blood droplet underwear is a very classic and special design elements. Its unique charm and extensive application are loved by consumers and markets.In the market, the sales volume of blood droplets has always been very good, and it has also become one of the popular styles of sexy underwear sales.

The development trend of blood drops

The market of sexy underwear is constantly developing. Blood droplets are one of the classic styles, and the development trend has also been constantly updated with the changes of the times.In the future market, design and materials will be more detailed, and innovation and fashion will be more breakthrough.In the future, different cultures, regions, or people will develop and apply more in -depth and diversification of sexy underwear like blood droplets.

Evolution and expansion of sexy underwear

As a kind of sexy underwear, from the original only the simple lace edges to the beautiful and luxurious and complicated, it is more and more popular with women.Through continuous innovation, expansion, and evolution, the design of sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy, passionate and fashionable, creating different experiences.In the future, there is still a lot of room for development in sexy underwear. There will be more materials and designs, so that people can enjoy more novelty and excitement while sex.


In short, blood droplets are a very special sexy underwear. In addition to sexy design, there are more special historical allusions as a source.As a symbolic sexy underwear, it is very popular in the market, and it has also been increasingly innovative and expanded. The development prospects are very broad.

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