Wife’s sexy lingerie condom 5

How to choose a sexy lingerie condom suitable for his wife?

Interest underwear and condoms are the two most commonly used contraceptive measures among modern couples.Combined with the two sexy lingerie condoms, they have gradually become a kind of combination of couples, which have dual functions that protect and improve interest.As a sexy underwear expert, I will introduce you to five suggestions for choosing your wife’s sexy underwear condoms.

1. Select the right size

Size is the key to buying fun underwear.Sex underwear contraceptives need to fit the body, so choosing the correct size is very important, otherwise it will affect the contraceptive effect.When buying, be sure to measure the body size of the wife, buy the appropriate size to avoid being too tight or too relaxed.

2. Select the right style

When choosing a sexy underwear condom, you should choose the right style according to the body and style of the wife.There are a variety of styles, with a variety of shapes such as hip hips, back, and suspenders. Choosing the right style can not only improve the sexy charm of the wife, but also meet different occasions.

3. Select the quality of quality

Sex underwear contraceptives need to be exposed to the skin, so the quality of the material directly affects comfort and health.High -quality materials, such as soft and comfortable cotton, skin -friendly silk, etc., are not only comfortable to wear, but also effectively reduce allergies and stimulation.

4. Pay attention to maintenance and cleaning

Sex underwear condoms need to be cleaned and maintained frequently to ensure the best effect.When washing, be careful not to use too intense detergents or drifting agents.The correct way of washing can not only extend the life of the underwear, but also ensure the quality and effect of the underwear.

5. Guaranteed to use the correct way

Even if you buy the right size and style, the correct way of use is an essential part.In the process, pay attention to the correct application method, and clean and disinfect in time after use.This can ensure the effects and safety of use and prevent any possible safety events.

When buying a wife’s sexy lingerie condom, be sure to pay special attention to the above five suggestions.This can ensure the maximization of contraceptive effects and interest.At the same time, pay more attention in daily use, ensure the quality and use of underwear, and avoid unnecessary safety hazards.

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