Wife’s sexy underwear derailed novels

Start of betrayal

My wife is a charming woman.We have been married for many years, but I never thought she would betray me.Everything starts with a small thing that seems unrelated.One day, I found a sexy underwear I have never seen in her wardrobe.

Stimulate curiosity

This sexy underwear is really attractive, and my curiosity is inspired.When I tried to ask her about underwear, she gave me a vague answer.This makes me even more confused and curious.I started observing her.She seems to be very careful about her mobile phone and computer, and often brings them into the bathroom.

Evidence of betrayal

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t control my curiosity.One day, when she was cooking in the kitchen, I secretly picked up her phone.I found that she was chatting with a man, chat history and photos proved that they had a relationship.What shocked me the most was that she was wearing the sexy underwear just discovered in these photos.

what to do

I am very painful and confused now.What should I do?On the one hand, I want to leave her, but on the other hand, I still love her.I felt that I was caught in the mud and couldn’t get rid of it.


A few days later, I decided to directly ask her about her relationship with that man and why she wanted to wear sex underwear.She finally admits everything.She said she was dissatisfied and stressed by me, and that man could bring her psychological satisfaction and sexual stimulation.

Communication solving problems

We sat down and talked carefully.She acknowledged her mistakes and said she was willing to make changes for our marriage.We took a lot of time to communicate and find problems to solve problems in the next few weeks.

The change brought by sexy underwear

In our communication, we find that sexy underwear can indeed bring us some changes and stimuli.We started trying more sexy underwear, which makes our sex life richer and interesting.We also started to understand each other’s needs more.

Reconstruction of Relations

In the end, we successfully solved the problems between us.Our marriage was rebuilt.We no longer have any secrets and hiding from each other.Sex underwear has become a wonderful element in our relationship, making our sex life more interesting and exciting.


The problem in marriage is not inevitable.If we learn to communicate and solve problems, we can still overcome everything.By talking and trying new things, we can add some different elements to our marriage and make it longer and interesting.Interesting underwear has brought us new experience and understanding, and let us better understand and appreciate each other.

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