Women buy sexy underwear bad reviews


When women choose sexy underwear, they usually want to get a high -quality product.However, today’s sexy underwear brands in the market are full of dazzling. What should a good sexy underwear be like?

Unpredictable style

Some brands pursue creativity when designing sexy underwear, but ignore the most basic function of underwear -comfortable wearing.The design of some sexy underwear is inspired by adult toys, which looks unique, but these designers have forgotten that women wearing underwear will be complicated.After wearing it, the effect is not good, and it is difficult to basically display the beauty of wearing.

low quality

In addition, in the process of production, in order to reduce costs, the quality of the materials used is poor, or the production process is not exquisite, resulting in underwear easily damaged, and the mood is unable to say.These situations are particularly common in some cheaper brands.

Inaccurate size

Like ordinary underwear, the accuracy of the size is very important.However, the standards of some brands are not convincing and will cause consumers to have a lot of confusion.Many Internet sex underwear shops have only one code for sex underwear, which is very unfriendly for women with special figures.

The style is too exposed

When designing sexy underwear, some brands are too pursuing passion and excitement, exposed and deliberate exposure, but for the majority of women’s consumer groups, such sex underwear is too out of reality and is difficult to wear out.Because each of us is a good social person. When we wear underwear, we are not only to ourselves, but also our respect and self -esteem.

The style is too single

There are also some brands in the design of sexy underwear, but they strive for simplicity, but the bland appearance design may make people feel without it, and there is no characteristic that the sex underwear should have.Wearing underwear, women hope to get a pleasure or excitement experience, and an ordinary underwear may not achieve this.

Does not meet the characteristics of personal figure

When choosing underwear styles, some sexy lingerie brands always value popular trends or design sense, and ignore women’s dressing needs.Because everyone’s body characteristics are different, some style of sexy lingerie may not be suitable for some people, and may even cause physical discomfort.

Poor experience

Some sexy lingerie brands focus on sensory stimuli when designing, exclude too much exercise and freedom, but they are really uncomfortable to wear, and fail to meet the needs of female consumers.We need a sexy underwear that does not complain, does not speak, comfortable, comfortable.

Price -friendly

There are some brands of sexy underwear, which are virtual prices, and their essence is difficult to satisfy women’s expectations.These brands have not achieved specified cost savings measures in product design, production and sales, leading to excessive prices.

in conclusion

The above is a problem where women are prone to appear when buying sexy underwear.A good erotic underwear should have excellent design, good quality, suitable size, comfortable dressing, price -friendly, fashionable and suitable for yourself. Therefore, when choosing a brandMake sure you buy a high -quality erotic underwear suitable for your own.

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