Women’s erotic underwear C pants pictures

Women’s erotic underwear C pants pictures

There are many types of women’s sexy underwear, including a special C pants.This underwear is very close to the body, and it can also make women feel confident.In this article, we will show you some pictures of women’s sexy lingerie C pants and provide some more information about this underwear.

What is C pants?

C pants are a female underwear. Each letter represents a specific part: C represents the hip.Compared with traditional underwear, the tight effect of C pants is more obvious, making the hip lines firm and more curvature.In addition to shaping the perfect body, C pants also have sexy and tempting effects, so they are sought after by many women.


C pants are usually made of fabrics such as Lyca and nylon, which makes them more close to the body, only a small amount of loose band and cutting line.This material makes C pants comfortable to wear, reducing the discomfort.In addition, this material also helps make the figure look more perfect.

Tightly tailor

Due to the material and tailoring of C pants, even women with flat hips will look full of hips.At the same time, tight tailoring can also make it not sliding or deformed when wearing, and close the unsightly sutures that may appear in other types of underwear.

C type of C pants

C pants have many different types, each type has its unique characteristics and use.

1. Ordinary C pants: Ordinary C pants are the most basic and common types, and it is also the first choice for most women.They have a simple and comfortable design, which is most suitable for daily wear.

2. Lace C pants: Compared with ordinary C pants, this lace pattern C pants are more suitable for wearing in special occasions, which can bring more sexy and temptation to women.

3. Low waist C pants: The waist stage of this C pants is relatively low. You can wear lower waist pants to enhance the visual effect of the body.

4. High -waist C pants: High -waist C pants can be close to the abdomen and waist, emphasizing the perfect waistline and curve of women.It also helps to modify abdominal obesity.

5. No trace C pants: The design of this C pants is very clever and seamlessly surrounded. It can disappear under any clothing. It is suitable for wearing personal clothes and work.

Color and pattern

C pants have many different colors and patterns, which can be selected according to personal hobbies and occasions.Patters such as leopard, lace and lace are usually sexy and seductive choices.And comfortable daily wear, common colors such as black, white, flesh and gray are also good choices.

Details and shapes

The details and shapes of C pants can make them more unique.Some C pants may be decorated with suspenders, ribbons, colorful beads or bows, etc. These decorations can increase their cuteness and cuteness.

Which body shape is suitable for C pants?

Although C pants are suitable for most female women, it is also skillful to choose the right C pants.They are most suitable for women with perfect waist and hip curves.At the same time, C pants can also help women who want to shape the perfect hips.

in conclusion

C pants, as a sexy and shaped underwear, are very good in wearing comfort or sexy.Different materials, tailoring, type, color and patterns can be suitable for different figures and occasions.C pants are very practical for those women who want to improve their figure and increase their confidence.

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