Women’s sexy lingerie opening process pictures

Choose a lady’s sexy underwear

Before choosing a lady’s sexy underwear, you need to know your body size and personal taste.Whether you like sexy, sweet or music -style underwear are all factor choosing underwear.You can refer to some fashion magazines or social media platforms to learn about the latest underwear trends.

The way to buy a lady’s sexy underwear

You can choose online stores or physical stores to buy ladies’ sexy underwear.Online stores usually have more favorable prices and can choose more styles.The physical store can try it on to see if it is comfortable.

Open the packaging process

Before opening the lady’s sexy underwear packaging, you need to check whether the packaging is intact or not, and confirm that it is not damaged or congested.Use scissors or hands to open the packaging to avoid using sharp weapons or blades to avoid scratching underwear.

Appreciate the details of underwear

After taking out the lady’s sexy underwear, appreciate the technique of the underwear from the details, do you have the problems such as the thread head falling off, drawing, and silk.In this way, you can give feedback to the merchant and return.

Tried underwear

You need to understand your body before trying it on, and then choose the suitable size.Be sure to try it out carefully to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and not loose.If the underwear has a steel ring, you need to pay attention to whether the steel ring is consistent with your chest shape.

Share underwear with your partner

If your underwear is chosen with your partner, you can share with your partner after the trial is completed to see his reaction and opinions.

Maintenance method of underwear

Women’s sexy underwear needs to be cleaned in time, it is best to use a dedicated cleaning agent.When cleaning, you need to comply with the cleaning criteria of the underwear to avoid damage.

Underwear storage

Underwear needs to be stored in dry, ventilated, and cool places to avoid direct sunlight and humid environment, so as not to breed bacteria and damage the quality of underwear.

Underwear matching

Choosing the right underwear matching can make you more charming.Underwear can also be matched with other clothing, such as deep V -neck dresses, suspenders vests, etc., making you more sexy and elegant.


Women’s sexy underwear is not only a way for women to self -show charm, but also a sexual gift to share with her partner in private.In terms of selecting, matching, and maintenance, we must be careful and meticulous to allow underwear to better serve your body and psychological needs.

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