Women’s style sex lingerie brand recommendation


Women’s sexy underwear is no longer a thing that is only related to sex, and now it has become a symbol of fashion and confidence.There are many brands and diverse styles. Some brands do not see sex underwear at all.Here are several women’s sexy underwear brands worth mentioning.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a world -renowned female underwear brand. With its unique fashion charm and modern and sexy design style, it has won the favor of women around the world.

La Perla

La Perla is a luxurious female underwear brand in Italy. It has a history of 160 years. It is a high -end underwear brand that many stars compete for each other. The design is elegant and exquisite in workmanship.


Fleur Du Mal is a brand focusing on fashion sexy underwear design and production.The design of all styles is full of fashion and artistic sense, and is very popular with fashionistas and stars.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a high -end underwear brand founded by the United Kingdom. The design is a bit casual and very sexy, and the quality is very good.Some limited edition sexy underwear that cooperates with famous designers often launch.


Bluebella is a British fashion luxurious female underwear brand. It is loved by women with comfortable and practical design, sexy and bold tailoring, elegant and charming details and high -quality fabrics.


Chantelle is a French women’s underwear brand. The design has always been very elegant and is a representative of French romance and literary feelings.


Cosabella is a Italian women’s underwear brand founded in 1983. It is rich in styles, especially Latin women’s underwear is very popular. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the quality is high.


Wacoal is a women’s underwear brand from Japan. It also has a certain reputation internationally. Pay attention to details and innovation, and adheres to the concept of "comfortable beauty" in all style design.


Journelle is a female underwear brand headquartered in New York. She insists on using high -quality European fabrics to design fashionable and sexy, tenderness and romantic style.


Bordelle is a brand focusing on the design of sexy underwear. It injected modern atmosphere into the traditional and sharp underwear design style. With its unique design and high -quality materials, it was loved by many fashion enthusiasts.

in conclusion

The above mentioned that the brand can be used as a reference for women’s sexy underwear, but it does not mean that other brands are not good.The key is to choose a sexy underwear brand that suits you according to your body, preferences and needs.

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