Xiao Shou likes sexy underwear novel fragments

The first paragraph: the first contact with the sexy underwear

Xiao Shou is a young man who likes to find freshness. Recently, he has fallen into a love underwear.He looked at the pictures of all kinds of sexy underwear on the Internet, and thought of his object involuntarily.He chose a few sexy sexy underwear and decided to surprise his boyfriend.

Section 2: Effect of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can make people feel more sexy, making people more confident and attractive.For the object of Xiao Shou, wearing sexy underwear can make the intimacy between them closer.

The third paragraph: the selection process of Xiao Shou

Xiao Shou searched for a long time on the Internet, and finally found a few sexy underwear that he thought he thought of him best.One of them is very light and the material is soft.What kind of surprise will Xiaoshi’s imagination of wearing such a sexy underwear will bring to his boyfriend.

Fourth paragraph: the process of trying penetration

He was very excited when he was selected for a good sexy underwear.Xiao Shou torn the packaging bag in his room, and carefully tried to put on sexy underwear.He felt different comfort and relaxation, and felt more sexy.

Fifth paragraph: Xiao Shou’s boyfriend’s response

When Xiao Shou’s boyfriend saw that he put on such a sexy underwear, he was very surprised but felt very sexy.Xiao Shou’s boyfriend said that he saw not only sexy underwear, but also a sincere emotional expression that made him feel special.

Paragraph 6: The additional effect of sexy underwear

The selling point of sexy underwear is not only sexy attractive, but also has a lot of effects.After wearing a sexy underwear, you can make yourself more positive and more energetic.You can even adjust your emotional state quickly, this is the charm of sexy underwear.

Seventh paragraph: sexy underwear and sex life

The sexy effects of sexy underwear are usually to enhance the stimulus and fun of sexual life.The effect of sexy underwear in sex life is very significant, because it can not only meet visual needs, but also stimulate deeper emotional resonance between couples.

Eighth paragraph: Summarize the meaning of sex underwear for small suffering

For Xiaosheng, sexy underwear is not only a gift, but also an emotional expression.It can make Xiao Shou more confident and enhance the emotional connection between Xiao Shou and her boyfriend.Xiao Shou likes to wear sexy underwear very much, because it brings him not only a beautiful feeling, but also a sincere emotional expression.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has magical magic, which can bring a lot of good feelings.For small, the choice and dressing of sexy underwear have become part of life.We believe that fun underwear may allow more people to find their own happiness in life.

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